What’s brought you hope this week?

Reopening Staying Safe

A: Food trucks!

Pittsburgh Magazine’s recent article showcases scrappy food truck owners working hard to re-open *safely.* It’s a joy to see the amazing work ethic and bright minds of these small business owners innovating evidence-based ways forward.

What’s in their secret sauce? (Please pardon the pun).

Three key themes:

(1) METRICS: The food truck owners are paying close attention to the “gating criteria” set forth by their local public health authorities, following all associated guidance and respecting phased implementation approaches.

(2) METHODS: They’ve adopted (and created!) best practices for minimizing risk, again following the relevant guidance of regulatory and professional standard-setting bodies.

(3) SOCIAL CONTRACT: Together with their loyal clientele, they are building on trust to protect each other – employees, patrons, and community members alike.

On a national scale, a group of bipartisan health care heavyweights has laid out helpful related guidance — the policy wonk equivalent of the ingenuity and heart of the food truck owners’ efforts. In an article in USA Today , they seek to answer the burning question of the day: How can we #opensafely? Again, key themes involve respecting METRICS of community-level disease burden and health care capacity, implementing safety standards and other infection-control METHODS, and protecting the vulnerable to strengthen the SOCIAL CONTRACT.

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