Case numbers are jumping QUICK! What should I be doing?

Infection and Spread Staying Safe

Share your gifts without sharing COVID. Helpful gestures come in many shapes.

One HUGE help: Cancel non-essential plans with other people.

Unfortunately, this includes New Year’s Eve plans. The perfect storm of a new variant and holiday get-togethers is hitting communities and health care settings with FORCE! Testing is in short supply. Health care is under extreme pressure with surging cases. If you can avoid even one additional contact, you are helping. This is a temporary and urgent request (from a health care provider).

Wear a mask in public.

It works. It protects you and those around you and decreases the RAPID spread of the virus. If you have a choice on which mask, we recommend a surgical mask or KN95. If you have the capacity to supply others with a better mask, now is a great time to purchase and distribute better masks in your community.

Strive for OK.

This is not likely to be the best weeks of life. Lower the bar a bit and be OK with OK for a little bit. Even OK is a stretch for many at the moment. Focus on the things you do have control over. Avoid situations that could result in injuries or additional risk. Eat and sleep regularly. Keep the lights on at home and work. Some days will be better than others. Celebrate the wins!

Reflect and find joy in the little things.

“Bring on some more COVID” said no one ever. This really sucks. For everyone. Instead of focusing on all the crappy things going on in your world or the whole world, find something good. Tell someone else about that nugget of good. Reflect on the ways to create more good. (I’m sorry, English teachers). When you are feeling defeated, go back to this practice of reflection.

Help someone else.

Many are really struggling at the moment. This is a perfect time for excessive acts of kindness. Cooking a meal and delivering to a doorstep. Calling someone and asking about their day and just listening. Providing 20 minutes of supervision to a kid outside while a parent breathes. Being kind just because. We need ALL OF IT right now!

Those Nerdy Girls will continue to ride this uncertain wave with all of you and bring on the science as it evolves.

Those Nerdy Girls

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