Cute kids to Dr. Fauci: “When will we get vaccinated?”


A: Dr. Fauci to cute kids: “Hang in there – coupla’ more months and we’ll be in good shape!”

We Nerdy Girls are big #faucifangirls. We’re also moms. So, when Dr. Fauci spoke to kids (and Elmo!) recently about COVID vaccines, we listened up!

Here’s the TL;DR on kids and COVID vaccine trials:

➡️ Safety first!
Following tradition, adults have gone first in trials – erring on the side of caution.

➡️ But now’s the moment
Pediatric medical societies are sufficiently confident in the adult safety data to call for kid-specific studies. Indeed, they’re strongly advocating for it.

➡️ Kids are not “little adults”
When it comes to immune system function, kids and adults can be quite different. Kid-specific data is needed, for example, to fine-tune the optimal dosage level and dosing schedule.

➡️ Older kids first, younger kids next.
A few trials now include older children (12+); a “step down” to younger children will likely begin early in the new year.

➡️ Timeline for shots in little arms? Experts hope for fall 2021.🤞
Fauci to kids: “Hopefully within a few months we’ll be able to tell you the vaccine is safe and effective in you, and we’re anxious to get you vaccinated.”

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