How might vaccinated adults with unvaccinated kids think about getting together with other families?

Families/Kids Socializing Vaccines

A: Spring and Summer 2021 will continue to require caution, but have far more hope and opportunity than Winter 2021. (PHEW!) Remember your SMART precautions (Space, Masks, Air, Restricted Networks, and Time). When possible, choose less risky options.

Gatherings with unvaccinated people, children included, create opportunities for SARS-CoV-2 to spread. We need to continue to prevent spread across households and their respective extended networks. Extended networks can get very big very quick. With roughly 15% of the US population fully vaccinated and far fewer in many other countries, spreading COVID-19 remains possible and dangerous.

Some strategies to guide socialization with other families:

DO YOUR BEST. There is a whole lot of room between no precautions and perfect precautions.

KEEP IT SMALL. An event with one other family is preferred to an event with multiple families.

STICK WITH ONE. Consider repeat interactions with one family over interactions with multiple.

GO OUTSIDE. Outdoor events are safer than indoor events.

KEEP THE MASKS. Make it easy and acceptable to maintain the mask.

PREP WHEN POSSIBLE. Tightening your pod and obtaining COVID-19 testing prior to a planned or prolonged event can increase risk knowledge and decrease transmission.

Most importantly, PROCEED WITH KINDNESS. If an event is deemed too risky, it’s OK to politely say no thanks. Be sure to thank a host working hard to maintain risk precautions. We see all of you making it work day to day.

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