Today is Small Business Saturday, what can I do to stay safe and support small business today?


A: Great question! We Nerdy Girls love our local small businesses and luckily there are lots of ways we can make an added effort to support small businesses today and everyday while staying safe at the same time!

Here are some ideas we came up with:

-Order delivery or curbside pick-up from your favorite local restaurants and shops! If you pick-up curbside wear a mask, pay ahead and look for contactless pick-up options.

-Purchase gift cards from small businesses for friends and family as gifts or for your own later use!

-Check with your local gym or yoga studio/fitness instructors to see if they have on-line class offerings for purchase and support your favorite work-out spot or instructor from your living room!

-If you can afford to do so, keep paying annual memberships or subscription fees to museums, zoos and other locally owned attractions and small businesses even if services are currently limited or temporarily suspended.

-Help local small businesses increase their on-line presence by posting about their great services, products and safety protocols on social media and/or providing free promotion on local community group FB pages or via newsletters, listserves or emails.

-Offer professional services in-kind to support small businesses to be able to pivot to on-line ordering and contactless shopping such as help with business planning, advertising, and website construction.

-Check-in with friends or family that own small businesses and ask how you can best support them.

-Tip more generously than usual for services and deliveries!

-Donate to small businesses or sponsor the purchase of services or goods to be donated to someone else in need.

If you have found other creative ways to support your local small businesses, please share in the comments below!

A few more ideas can be found in the article linked here.

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