Can you recommend good resources comprehensively tackling vaccine questions?


A: Yes! See below for a curated list.

We know that many of you all are out there fighting the good fight – working hard to help spread evidence-based vaccine information and helping loved ones navigate lingering concerns.

We’ve curated a list of non-partisan (and non-governmental) vaccine Q&A resources that we hope you will find helpful in your efforts. It’s not intended to be exhaustive, and we’d *love* to hear about additional resources – so thanks for sharing your faves in the comments!

Good online COVID Q&A resources:

😀 High marks for consumer friendliness:

The Ad Council/COVID Collaborative partnership

🔬 High marks for scientific nuts-and-bolts (and scientific pedigree):

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Vaccine Education Center
(Note: This resource has info for both kids and adults!)

🌎 High marks for diversity and inclusion:

The Conversation/La Conversacion video series, a partnership between Kaiser Family Foundation, the Black Coalition Against COVID, UnidosUS, and the American Academy of Pediatrics
Bonus: English + Spanish content

For those interested in religiously affiliated resources:

✝️ Christians and the Vaccine
Bonus: Our dear friend @FriendlyNeighborEpidemiologist is featured!

☪️ British Islamic Medical Association
Bonus: Multi-lingual!

✡️ National Jewish Health

🛐 Interfaith, Faiths4Vaccines

🧒🏽 Pediatric-focused:

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ healthychildren.org (type “COVID vaccine” in the search box on the upper right-hand corner of the landing page)

🏥 For special patient populations, medical societies and patient organizations are often a good bet. (ex. The Arthritis Foundation keeps an updated COVID-19 FAQ.)

And finally, I’d be remiss not to mention dearpandemic.org – where we’ve written over 300 posts (!) about COVID vaccines….easily searchable on our landing page!

A final Nerdy note:

BIG THANKS to our community for continuing to push out GOOD vaccine information – together we can help drown out the bad.

Our efforts are sorely needed in the current moment. WHO’s COVID technical lead, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, said Tuesday that “In the last four weeks or so, the amount of misinformation that is out there seems to be getting worse, and I think that’s really confusing for the general public…Misinformation has become another risk factor that is ‘really allowing the virus to thrive.’”

Stay safe, stay sane.

With love,
Your Nerdy Girls

Note: As always, we recommend individuals seek specific medical advice from a trusted clinician.

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