What are some practical things I can still do to protect myself/my family/friends from getting COVID-19?

Infection and Spread Staying Safe

A: Even though we are seeing a surge in new cases in many parts of the U.S. and Europe, there are still actions you can take to help decrease your risk.

1: Avoid small gatherings

2: Quarantine for 2 weeks if you have been exposed to the virus

3: Be aware of catching the virus from a family member at home

4: Get tested at the right time (5-7 days after exposure)

5: Avoid high risk activities (even if they are allowed-particularly indoor events)

6: Layer up your interventions (For example: Masking+Distance is better than Masking alone)

7: Accept that life will not be able to go back to “normal” for some time

8: Know what risk your family/friends are willing to take on and make sure to have honest conversations before spending time with them

9: Be aware of the local spread of the virus; this can have a huge impact on your daily life

For more detail, see this recent article.

We know that you are feeling tired of all of these changes in your daily life. We are too.

But continuing to take simple preventative actions will help right now.

And as we continue through these difficult days, if you want to thank your local public health department for their support in stopping the spread, send them an email of thanks! We know that we stay motivated to continue our work because of the appreciation of all of you. Contact here.

Stay safe. Stay Sane.

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