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How’s the job market recovery going?

Data and Metrics

A: “Great trend, but terrible levels.” That’s the TL;DR from well-respected labor economist Aaron Sojourner in response to last week’s release of the March 2021 jobs report. 👍🏼 The good news: The numbers roundly beat Dow Jones expectations. (Expectations: 675k added jobs; Actuals: over 900k added jobs). Yay! 👎🏼 The less good news: The economy

This re-socializing thing is harder than I thought.

Mental Health Socializing

Q: I met up with friends in person for the first time in a year. It was so awkward. Help! This re-socializing thing is harder than I thought. A: Pandemic introspection has taught some of us important lessons… and made many of us rusty on other-focused social skills. Embrace timeless advice from Dale Carnegie’s How

How long will the protection from vaccines last?

Biology/Immunity Vaccines

Q: How long will the protection from vaccines last? I just got my vaccine (yay!), when will I be at risk again? A: Still TBD, but Pfizer just released data showing high protection for UP TO 6 months. ⚠️ NOTE: This does NOT mean ONLY 6 months, it means….AT LEAST 6 months! Most scientists believe

Is the J&J 1-dose vaccine really as good as the 2-dose vaccines?


Q: I feel like I’m doing something wrong with the 1-dose J&J vaccine… like I’m cheating. Is it REALLY as good as the 2-dose vaccines? A: Yes, it’s really as good! The J&J vaccine prevented hospitalization and death from COVID-19 extremely well in the trials. The decision to go with 1 dose was based on

Conoce a las Nerdy Girls – Dra. Amanda Simanek

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En esta edición de la serie de “Conoce a las Nerdy Girls”, les presentamos a la Dra. Amanda Simanek, PhD, MPH. La Dra. Simanek es una epidemióloga social que estudia los determinantes psicosociales de las enfermedades infecciosas, los vínculos entre las infecciones y las enfermedades crónicas y las vías por las que se producen las

Any more examples of pandemic heroes?


A: Yes! We love this story about cheesemakers and dairy farmers helping rural Wisconsinites get access to the COVID-19 vaccine in the name of reaching “curd” immunity! In rural communities, populations tend to be older and rates of co-morbidities that increase risk for severe COVID-19 tend to be higher. In addition, access to the internet

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

Families Socializing Staying Safe Videos

In this live Q&A, Dr. Christine Whelan and Dr. Ashley Ritter will be tackling questions about kids and COVID, whether mask-wearing will become standard preventative health in the future, what to do with your official vaccination record card, and what to consider as we head into summer. ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and Chit Chat (0:00-1:17) ➡️

¿Qué funciona para el tratamiento de COVID-19 en personas que no están hospitalizadas?

Clinical Symptoms Posts en Español Treatments

R: En cuanto al tratamiento, lamentablemente todavía hay más preguntas que respuestas, pero repasemos la evidencia. En resumen, la combinación de bamlanivimab / etesevimab (️terapia de anticuerpos monoclonales) puede ser útil pero no está disponible fácilmente en EE.UU. o en el resto del mundo. La evidencia aún no está clara en relación con la ivermectina,,

Updated CDC Travel Advice for Fully Vaccinated People

Staying Safe Travel Vaccines

💥Friday news flash: CDC says fully vaccinated people can travel safely within the US, but encourages continued precautions including masking, distancing, and hand hygiene. ✈️Adding to the list of benefits the fully vaccinated can enjoy (like small unmasked indoor gatherings with other vaccinated folks), the CDC released new guidance on Friday acknowledging lower risk of