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Election season is in full swing, and the news is getting even more hectic!! How do I make sure my sources are accurate?!

Staying Safe Uncertainty and Misinformation

A: The COVID “infodemic” has made it harder than ever to cut through the noise, and election season absolutely adds to this challenge. The good news is that Lindsey’s Laws for news diligence that we’ve been using here at Dear Pandemic to fight misinformation can ALSO apply to the political news cycle! As we laid

How safe is [my specific situation/event/activity]?

Staying Safe

A: Imagine that you develop a serious allergy to bee stings. Your doctor tells you that if you get stung by a bee again, you might die unless you receive medication within minutes. You are planning to go on a hike. Do you ask a bunch of questions about the likelihood of there being bees

Hand Sanitizer Quiz

Staying Safe

Hand sanitizer – a true 2020 must-have. But how much do we REALLY know about its benefits and dangers? Enter the FDA’s hand sanitizer IQ quiz! Let’s try our hand at a few questions. (Scroll to the bottom of the post for answers!) ❇️ T/F: Soap and water beats hand sanitizer at preventing the spread

Halloween is going to look a little different this year.

Families Staying Safe

Halloween is going to look a little different this year. . . Lots of resources to check out: Our popular post on safe trick-or-treating How to have a SMART Halloween Our printable “no contact trick-or-treating” sign Nerdy Girl Malia Jones on Halloween in Slate Link to original FB post

Could you speak to the issue of Elderberry Syrup and COVID?


Q: We’re entering the season where I typically give it to my family as a flu prevention, but I’ve read that it can aggravate some COVID symptoms.” A: No scientific studies have been done using elderberry syrup to prevent or treat COVID-19. Similarly, there has been no information on whether elderberry syrup has negative impacts

Dear Pandemic COVIC Q&A

Infection and Spread School Staying Safe Uncertainty and Misinformation Videos

Your Questions: Answered Dr. Lindsey Leininger and Dr. Malia Jones answer your COVID questions!This week we tackle:☑️ Reinfection (2:25 – 7:45)☑️ Psychology of risky behavior (7:55 – 13:06)☑️ Election-day poll volunteering (13:19 – 17:45)☑️ Are schools superspreaders? (18:00 – 25:55)☑️ It’s OK to donate blood! (26:03 – 27:30)Big thanks to those who submitted questions! (Note: