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Meet Those Nerdy Girls – Dr. Sarah Coles


This week in Meet the Nerdy Girls, we’re delighted to introduce our readers to Dr. Sarah Coles, MD. Dr. Coles is a board-certified family physician practicing in both hospital and outpatient settings in Phoenix, Arizona. She sees patients in every stage of life, for any concern. She came to Dear Pandemic’s team as a 1-month

Is it safe to get routine medical care at a clinic?

Staying Safe

A: Yes! Yes, yes and yes. Yes!!! Please do not let the pandemic keep you from getting routine screenings and needed medical care! To answer this question, we’re bringing back an updated version of a post from all the way back in JUNE, when this was already true. What’s new at this point? Well, most

¿Es normal tener dolor en la axila o en el pecho después de la vacuna COVID-19?

Clinical Symptoms Posts en Español Vaccines

R: Es muy posible y normal, específicamente en el lado en el que recibió la vacuna. En todo su cuerpo, cientos de ganglios linfáticos funcionan para filtrar su líquido linfático. Cuando su cuerpo está generando una respuesta inmune, después de una infección o una vacuna, estos pueden inflamarse con líquido. Los ganglios linfáticos se encuentran

How long do I need between my flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccination?


Q: Serena from Australia asks: “In Australia it’s time for our flu vax. How long do I need between this and COVID-19 vaccination?” A: Ideally, there would be 14 days before or after getting the COVID-19 vaccine and any other vaccine. However, there may be situations where a shorter interval between would be ok. Folks

Will the vaccines prevent Long Covid?


A: Likely! There is good biological reason to think so, but like many things we lack hard data. Many followers have asked this great question in recent weeks. Clinical trials have shown the vaccines are AMAZING at preventing serious disease and death. But what about those mild infections after a vaccine, could they still lead