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Is measles making a comeback?

Infectious Diseases

Measles outbreaks happen every year but are becoming more common as vaccination rates decline. There have been several US measles outbreaks so far this year, including multiple in Florida, California and Washington state. Many began with an international traveler returning home, which is typical for measles outbreaks. Because measles is so contagious, vaccination rates need Read more…

Is Dry January effective?

Health & Wellness

Even though January is over, it’s a good time to look back and talk about whether the concept of Dry January is actually effective. TL;DR: Dry January can be effective to reset your relationship with alcohol. However, heavier drinkers may need more time to heal. That depends on your goals and relationship with alcohol. Dry Read more…

When is it time to stop driving?


Driving “retirement” doesn’t need to be a cold turkey process. It may look different for everyone, but proactive planning can save lives and preserve independence. Several options can make the transition smoother for you or a loved one. Identify specific driving concerns and engage in thoughtful discussions to help preserve independence, safety, and function. Driving Read more…

Are puberty blockers helpful or harmful to trans youth?

Families/Kids Mental Health Reproductive Health

A: Current evidence suggests that puberty blockers, which hit the pause button on puberty and are reversible, significantly improve the mental health of trans youth while reducing the risk of needing future surgeries. A recent study showed that trans teens who were treated with puberty blockers had significantly less anxiety, depression, and stress compared to Read more…