Since there have been deaths reported after people received vaccination, should I be concerned? I’m scared to take the vaccine.

Uncertainty and Misinformation Vaccines

A: No. In spite of sensational headlines, no deaths have been linked to receiving COVID-19 vaccination. And hundreds of millions of vaccines have been given.

As of early March, more than 330 million vaccinations in over 120 countries have been given. In detailed investigative reporting of vaccine-related deaths around the world, DW (Deutsche Welle) a German international broadcaster, found no connection between receiving the shot and deaths following the shot. https://www.dw.com/…/fact-check-no-links…/a-56458746

Many of the deaths reported in the news happened as a result of COVID-19 infection contracted before vaccination. Confusion about when people reach the highest amount of protection after the shot may be part of the issue. It’s possible to incubate a COVID-19 infection and show no symptoms at the same time as you are vaccinated. In that case, you’re already infected, and the vaccine won’t be able to protect you. It is also noted by the CDC that it takes two weeks from the final dose in your vaccine series (whether you get the two-shot series or single shot) to reach “fully vaccinated” status. Until that time, it is possible to catch COVID-19 and die of complications.

In other instances, deaths reported occurred from underlying disease. Unfortunately for each of these families, their loved one’s death just happened to coincide with the timing of getting a COVID-19 vaccine. We have previously explained how scientists look for signs that a vaccine might be dangerous: https://dearpandemic.org/covid-vaccine-and-deaths/

This post revealed that the patterns we see in people who have just been vaccinated—in this case, death rates— are comparable to the patterns we would normally see. We don’t see any signs at all that the vaccines for COVID-19 are dangerous.

Taking any of the available COVID-19 vaccinations is safe. Though you may experience side-effects like site soreness, fever, chills, headache, and tiredness, the vaccine will not kill you.

Be safe. Be informed.

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