What’s going on with the new Johnson &Johnson/Janssen vaccine results?


A: Some very positive signs for immune responses from newly published Phase 1/2 trial results, & Phase 3 efficacy results rumored to be on the near horizon. AND they tested only one dose 👏👏👏!


➡️ Low dose/high dose, & one dose/two dose regimes were tested in 805 adults aged 18 and older.
➡️ The safety profile was good, most common side effects were fatigue, fever, headache, and injection-site pain. Less severe for lower dose & in those >65.
➡️ Neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 were detected in 90% of participants 29 days after the first dose and in 100% by day 57 for ALL groups.
➡️ Antibody titers further increased and stabilized over 71 days of follow-up, suggesting durability of immune response.
➡️ Antibody levels were higher in the 2-dose group, but whether this makes a difference for protection for disease remains to be seen.
➡️ Phase 3 data (the big, important test of whether it stops you getting sick with COVID), due out within weeks.

Johnson & Johnson created a “viral vector” vaccine, in which an adenovirus (a cause of common cold) is used as a delivery service for instructions to create the coronavirus spike protein. The adenovirus itself cannot replicate or cause illness, but it is genetically engineered to create coronavirus proteins that the immune system will then use to train itself to defeat the real SARS-CoV-2. The Oxford/Astrazeneca also uses this viral vector with an adenovirus approach.

Overall this is very promising news with what can be seen for immune responses in the lab. BUT the “proof will be in the pudding” of the Phase 3 results due out soon.

Hopeful takeaways:

💥 An effective one-dose regime could be a game-changer for speeding up roll out of the vaccine and simplifying the process for many around the world.
💥 Having another approved vaccine would boost overall global supplies & get more people vaccinated faster.
💥 The J&J vaccine is also less fragile than the mRNA vaccines & can be stored at regular refrigerator temperatures, another huge boon to logistics.

The Nerdy Girls are here for any good news we can find these days, so chalk another one up to #science. Stay tuned for the Phase 3 results.

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