National News Literacy Week

Uncertainty and Misinformation


It’s National News Literacy Week!

Those Nerdy Girls are working hard to grow a bright spot of sane science here on social media. Our biggest asset? YOU. Thanks to our science-loving community for spreading the good and debunking the junk. We are grateful for each and every one of you, each and every day.

We *LOVE* the work of the News Literacy Project (NLP), an educational non-profit dedicated to boosting media literacy. We are delighted to share out the grab bag of goodies they’ve put together for National News Literacy week! Check it out here.

Interested in tips, tricks, and educational materials that can help people in your networks be savvier news consumers? NLP has you covered, this week and always.

NERDS UNITE! Together we’ll keep building the friendly pro-science empire.

Your Nerdy Girls

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