Where can I find information to share with clients/patients/friends/people in my life who do not speak English as a primary language?

Staying Safe

A: There are several organizations offering quick handouts, videos, and additional supports as needed related to COVID-19. Below we highlight a few, sourced from our network and our followers (thank you!).

1) State health departments in addition to the CDC website offer Web and printable information on COVID-19.


CDC Communication Toolkit

Greater New York Hospital Association

Massachusetts Multilingual Resources

Luna language services offers COVID-19 resources (primarily serving Indiana) on the importance of language support, multilingual fact sheets/flyers, and resources for people with hearing impairment.

2) The COVID-19 Health Literacy Project has fact sheets in 30+ languages. These sheets can be easily downloaded and printed.

3) The Endangered Languages Project provides a searchable site for diverse (and less commonly translated) languages. Many of the resources are sourced from non-governmental organizations, governments, and public health departments.

4) The Refugee Response highlights COVID-19 videos and resources in a variety of languages.

For Spanish speakers, we have launched our parallel Facebook group, Querida Pandemia, where we translate many of our posts and include additional resources that are relevant (region, population).

We hope that these resources help to get the good information out there. We are constantly trying to update our resources to reflect our community and will continue to do so.

Stay Safe. Stay Sane.

And Stay Informed!

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Photo Credit: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Multilingual Resources

Note: Information originally posted on April 15, 2020

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