Any more examples of pandemic heroes?


A: Yes! We love this story about cheesemakers and dairy farmers helping rural Wisconsinites get access to the COVID-19 vaccine in the name of reaching “curd” immunity!

In rural communities, populations tend to be older and rates of co-morbidities that increase risk for severe COVID-19 tend to be higher. In addition, access to the internet (and therefore on-line sign-up for appointments) may be more limited and there are often fewer facilities available to store and distribute the vaccine. For these reasons, increasing COVID-19 vaccine access in rural areas is key to protecting those most vulnerable to severe complications of COVID-19 and for achieving herd immunity.

💡 What is one creative solution being used in Wisconsin (WI), USA?

Companies and farmers involved in cheese production in rural areas of the State have registered as vaccine providers!

When food production workers became eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in WI, numerous companies and dairy farmers registered as vaccine providers and have not only vaccinated 1000s of people they employ on-site, but also others living in surrounding areas who also meet eligibility criteria! In some cases they have even been able to capitalize on existing refrigeration facilities to store the vaccine.

Hooray for ingenuity and resourcefulness! 🐄🧀💉

We Nerdy Girls would love to hear more examples of pandemic heroes going above and beyond to help others get access to the COVID-19 vaccine! Please share your stories in the comments!

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