What’s the latest on the vaccine timeline for kids?

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A: Best-case scenario: late summer/fall 2021 for older kids (12+); early 2022 for younger kids. All the usual pandemic-era caveats about uncertain timelines apply!

We dedicate today’s TGIF post to all of the children and teens volunteering for vaccine clinical trials. Hooray and thank you! And thank you to all of the (adult) scientists who have worked diligently to ensure that these trials are conducted with an uncompromising commitment to safety.

As always, we’re keeping on top of the science and will continue to report out as new data hit the scene.

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For more on the science of COVID vaccines for kids see:

Terrific (!) explainer from USA Today (includes the dates given in the above Q&A)

Moderna’s announcement earlier this week that the first trial participants < 12 yrs old have been dosed (from NPR)

(Note: the Moderna study is being conducted in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)

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