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Jennifer DowdThe New York TimesCentral Europe, Spared in the Spring, Suffers as Virus Surges10/14/2020
Amanda SimanekCourthouse News ServiceWisconsin Activates Field Hospital Amid Record Coronavirus Surge10/14/2020
Amanda SimanekWisconsin Public RadioCoronavirus: Latest Information On Protecting Against The Pandemic10/13/2020
Lindsey LeiningerWashington PostWe’re public health experts. We need to do a better job of talking to conservatives.10/12/2020
Malia JonesYahoo NewsWisconsin GOP: We ‘Don’t Care’ Guv Is Trying to Save Lives10/9/2020
Malia JonesWisconsin Public RadioPlanning A 'Safer' Halloween10/8/2020
Malia JonesWisconsin State JournalCampus COVID-19 spike subsides: What's behind UW-Madison's drop in cases?10/8/2020
Malia JonesThe Cap TimesCap Times Idea Fest: Experts caution against expectations of a return to normal with vaccine10/8/2020
Lindsey LeiningerNBC Global HangoutAsk the Experts: Covid-19 in the White House10/7/2020
Alison ButtenheimWHYY NewsHow to vote in person safely when Pa. isn’t requiring masks at the polls10/7/2020
Lindsey LeiningerReal SimpleHow to Turn Your Garage Into a Safe and Cozy Place to Hang This Fall10/6/2020
Ashley RitterThe Philadelphia InquirerHow nine medical experts with kids are celebrating Halloween10/5/2020
Malia JonesCap Times Idea FestWhat happens after a COVID-19 vaccine arrives?10/5/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdBBC Radio COVID Death Rates and Comorbidity9/30/2020
Lindsey LeiningerCNBCCan New York reopen indoor dining safely? Here is what coronavirus, restaurant experts say9/30/2020
Lindsey LeiningerPoliticoNew York City's uneasy return to indoor dining9/30/2020
Ashley RitterPhiladelphia InquirerWhat to do if you see people breaking rules at restaurants9/30/2020
Sandra AlbrechtPublic Health - Columbia UniversityEpidemiology Professor Offers Clarity in a Confusing Time9/29/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdBBC NewsCurrent COVID-19 Status in the UK9/29/2020
Lindsey LeiningerThe New York TimesSpotting the Risks of Indoor Dinings9/29/2020
Lindsey LeiningerThe New York TimesNew York Dining Is Moving Indoors. How Nervous Should You Be?9/29/2020
Malia JonesSlateHalloween Is Not Canceled9/29/2020
Malia JonesExploring Health - No KiddingSchooling During a Pandemic9/26/2020
Malia Jones & Sandra Albrecht & Tita Smyth EscobedoUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison Holtz CenterHOLTZ CENTER SUPPORTS ‘DEAR PANDEMIC’ TRANSLATION ON ALL-SPANISH MIRROR SITE9/24/2020
Amanda SimanekThe Wall Street JournalU.S. New Coronavirus Cases Edge Lower9/24/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdThe GuardianEngland's new measures aren't enough to prevent soaring Covid-19 infections9/23/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdBBC RadioRise on COVID-19 Cases in the UK9/20/2020
Sandra AlbrechtMarketWatchCan I visit family for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Your pandemic holiday travel questions, answered9/19/2020
Malia JonesHere & Now - PBS WisconsinEpidemiologist On Risk of Going Back to College, K-12 School9/18/2020
Amanda SimanekWisContextWhy Wisconsin's State And Local Coronavirus Updates Differ Day To Day9/17/2020
Lindsey LeiningerBoston Globe Venturing Out: How Kids Can Socialize Safely This Fall9/16/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdNew ScientistCoronavirus death toll reaches 1 million – how did we get here?9/16/2020
Malia JonesWisconsin State JournalUW-Madison threatens 'more drastic action' as experts say COVID-19 outbreak impacting broader community9/16/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdForbesDid The Sturgis Rally Cause 250,000 Coronavirus Cases? Here's Why Experts Are Skeptical9/15/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdBBC RadioCurrent Status of Testing and School Reopening in Great Britain9/15/2020
Lindsey LeiningerAAMCRumors, confusion, and conspiracies: Can doctors defeat COVID-19 misinformation?9/15/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdTimeWhy Central Europe Is Seeing a Rise in COVID-19 Cases9/15/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdReal Clear ScienceSturgis Did Not Cause 266,796 Cases of COVID-199/11/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdAIERThe Sturgis Bike Rally, Sensationalist Reporting, and Broken Disease Models9/11/2020
Lindsey LeiningerNBC Global HangoutAsk the Experts: Myths & Misinformation9/11/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdMediumLessons Learned From the Controversial Sturgis Superspreader Report9/11/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdSnopesWas Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Responsible for 250K Coronavirus Cases?9/10/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdWashington Post‘Worst case scenarios’ at Sturgis rally could link event to 266,000 coronavirus cases, study says9/10/2020
Malia JonesNBC NewsWith Washington silent, states are torn between saving bars and stopping coronavirus9/10/2020
Jennifer Beam DowdSlateThe Sturgis Biker Rally Did Not Cause 266,796 Cases of COVID-199/10/2020
Sandra AlbrechtSlateThe Wildest Things We Got Wrong—and Right—About the Coronavirus So Far9/10/2020
Amanda SimanekMilwaukee Journal SentinelOpinion: There is a critical need for science-based, nonpartisan information about the pandemic9/10/2020
Amanda SimanekWisconsin Public RadioMasks 101: How To Choose And Care For Them9/07/2020
Sandra AlbrechtNews BreakHelp! What are the best precautions when traveling by car?9/07/2020
Sandra Albrecht & Malia JonesThe GuardianUS holidays during Covid: yes to trick-or-treating, no to Santa mall photos9/07/2020
Sandra AlbrechtChicago TribuneHelp! What are the best precautions when traveling by car?9/07/2020
Sandra AlbrechtBaltimore SunHelp! What are the best precautions when traveling by car?9/07/2020
Sandra AlbrecheABS-CBN NewsHelp! What are the best precautions when traveling by car?9/04/2020
Sandra AlbrechtVoxHow New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo failed, then succeeded, on Covid-199/02/2020
Sandra Albrecht24 News OrderHelp! What Are the Best Precautions When Traveling by Car?9/01/2020
Sandra AlbrechtIndian FlipboardHelp! What Are the Best Precautions When Traveling by Car?9/01/2020
Jennifer DowdNatureHow many people has the coronavirus killed?9/01/2020
Sandra AlbrechtThe Today NewsHelp! What Are the Best Precautions When Traveling by Car?9/01/2020
Sandra AlbrechtWashington SourcesHelp! What Are the Best Precautions When Traveling by Car?9/01/2020
Sandra AlbrechtNew York TimesHelp! What Are the Best Precautions When Traveling by Car?9/01/2020
Sandra AlbrechtTime10 Epidemiologists and Infectious Disease Experts On Whether They Are Sending Their Kids Back to School8/29/2020
Jennifer DowdTimeEurope Is Seeing a Surge in Coronavirus Cases. Are Tourists the Cause of the Increase?8/27/2020
Aparna KumarThe Nexus - Thomas Jefferson Univ.RESEARCHERS BATTLE MISINFORMATION @DEARPANDEMIC8/26/2020
Alison Buttenheim & Malia JonesWorking Mother5 Epidemiologist and Public Health Moms on Their Children’s Back-to-School Plans8/17/2020
Amanda Simanek & Lindsey LeiningerMilwaukee Journal SentinelWhat experts say about how to interpret COVID-19 data like positive cases, deaths and hospitalizations -- and what to avoid8/17/2020
Amanda SimanekWDJT - MilwaukeeCBS 58 Investigates: Coronavirus testing result delays8/14/2020
Lindsey LeiningerCNNReducing the spread of the virus8/13/2020
Lindsey LeiningerU.S. News and World ReportMany Community Outbreaks of COVID Traced to Restaurants, Bars8/12/2020
Lindsey LeiningerNew York TimesThe Nation Wanted to Eat Out Again. Everyone Has Paid the Price.8/12/2020
Amanda SimanekMilwaukee Journal SentinelWisconsin's COVID-19 death toll passes 1,000. Here's a look at who is dying, and how the rate compares to other leading causes of death.8/11/2020
Lindsey LeiningerNBC Global HangoutThey thought COVID-19 was a hoax, until they fell ill8/08/2020
Lindsey LeiningerApple News Trending Stories - Link to NBC NewsThey thought COVID-19 was a hoax, until they fell ill8/08/2020
Amanda SimanekNBC News TweetHow can children be taught to wear masks in public? Experts share tips.8/07/2020
Amanda SimanekNBC Global HangoutAsk the Experts - Masks8/07/2020
Lindsey LeiningerNBC Global HangoutCoronavirus Converts8/06/2020
Aparna KumarHuffington PostExperts Predict What Life Will Be Like After A COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives8/06/2020
Sandra AlbrechtScience NewsFive big questions about when and how to open schools amid COVID-198/04/2020
Sandra AlbrechtColumbia Research"Dear Pandemic"8/01/2020
Malia JonesChannel 3000Madison mom, epidemiologist asks public health department to tighten restrictions to get kids back in school7/29/2020
Ashley RitterBreaking Bread FB PageAdvice on eating out7/28/2020
Malia JonesWisconsin Public RadioIt Is Insanity': Petition Calls For Tighter COVID-19 Rules On Dane County Businesses, Gatherings7/28/2020
Amanda SimanekMilwaukee Journal SentinelIs a face shield alone enough protection from COVID-19? Does my blood type matter to COVID-19? Experts answer pandemic questions.7/24/2020
Malia JonesMadison 365Experts: Middle, high school youth spread coronavirus as much as adults7/24/2020
Malia JonesUniv of Wisconsin-Madison Badger TalksFactors to consider when re-opening schools this fall7/21/2020
Lindsey LeiningerThe New York TimesRise in Virus Cases Near Bases inU.S. and Aborad Poses Test for Military7/21/2020
Amanda SimanekSpectrum News 1 - MadisonWisconsin Keeps Breaking Its Coronavirus Case Record7/21/2020
Malia JonesThe Cap Times: The MadsplainersIs it safe for kids to go back to school?7/21/2020
Sandra Albrecht, Malia Jones, Aparna Kumar, Lindsey LeiningerAmerican ScientistWhat It Will Take to Reopen Schools Safely7/21/2020
Jennifer DowdNewsweekRaiders Owner Mark Davis Wants NFL Games Played Behind Closed Doors7/20/2020
Jennifer DowdThe Philadelphia InquirerHow many have really been infected with coronavirus? I pricked my finger to help find out.7/18/2020
Ashley RitterEater PhiladelphiaDon’t Eat With Your Hands, and Other Rules for Dining Out in Philly During the Pandemic7/16/20
Alison ButtenheimWSTMWhat COVID-19 pandemic teaches us about human behavior7/15/2020
Jennifer DowdW&L "The Columns" Alumni MagazineTracking Patterns in the Pandemic7/14/2020
Lindsey LeiningerNBC NewsGLOBAL HANGOUT: Ask The Experts: Infections & Immunity7/14/2020
Alison Buttenheim & the NGsAxiosFighting the Coronavirus Infodemic7/08/2020
Alison ButtenheimUSA TodayCoronavirus is revolutionizing scientific practices and communication. Here's how7/07/2020
Amanda SimanekWisconsin Public RadioThe Latest on Coronavirus in Wisconsin7/07/2020
Alison Buttenheim & Malia JonesMilwaukee Journal SentinelFacing a world clamoring for help with COVID-19, scientists are changing how they work7/07/2020
Amanda SimanekMilwaukee Journal SentinelHow can I get my child to wear a mask? If I'm sick with COVID, how long do I need to quarantine? Experts answer your questions7/06/2020
Amanda SimanekWUWMCoronavirus: Tracking Your Contacts Is Good, Limiting Your Social Circle Is Better7/03/2020
Malia JonesWSTMAsk these questions before attending 4th of July gathering this weekend7/02/2020
Lindsey LeiningerCBC "Ontario Today"How do you decide who's in your social bubble?7/02/2020
Amanda Simanek & Malia JonesSpectrum News 1What We Know About Herd Immunity and Coronavirus7/01/2020
Amanda SimanekMilwaukee Journal SentinelSmall parties aren't necessarily safe, and other things to know about celebreating July Fourth during a pandemic7/01/2020
Lindsey LeiningerBump Club and Beyond FB LiveCoronavirus Q&A with Impact: Answering all of your outdoor safety questions!6/29/2020
Lindsey LeiningerMooreCo WebinarThrive Together: An Open Discussion with Experts About the Challenges of COVID-19 and Classroom Design6/23/2020
Malia JonesUniv of Wisconsin-Madison NewsCOVID Questions: Polite distancing, second wave, should I get a test6/23/2020
Amanda SimanekWUWMPence to Visit Waukesha County Amis COVID-10 Concerns6/23/2020
Amanda SimanekNewsweekWHO Announces Biggest Single Day Rise in COVID-19 Cases Globally6/22/2020
Malia JonesWisconsin Public RadioIs it safe to visit family and friends?6/22/2020
Sandra AlbrechtSlateEven epidemiologists can't tell you exactly what to do right now6/22/2020
Amanda SimanekMilwaukee Journal SentinelCan I fly safely? How can we have a wedding? COVID-19 questions answered by Wisconsin health experts6/19/2020
Malia JonesUCLA California Center for Population ResearchMichael Lens charts with CCPR alumna, Malia Jones of Dear Pandemic about housing policy, inequality, & COVID-196/19/2020
Alison ButtenheimWHYY's The PulseSocial media's 'infodemic'6/19/2020
Amanda SimanekMilwaukee Journal SentinelGoing to the movies this weekend? Here are some tips on staying safe, minimizing risks6/18/2020
Amanda SimanekSelf MagazineWhat 10 Public Health Experts Want You to Know About Protesting in the Middle of a Pandemic6/18/2020
Jennifer DowdNewsweekWhat will the 2020 NFL season look like? Super rugby might give us clues6/18/2020
Lindsey LeiningerAAFP - American Academy of Family PhysiciansAAFP Virtual Town Hall - COVID-196/17/2020
Alison ButtenheimABC NewsIndoors, yelling and packed crowds: Experts sound alarm ahead of Trump's Tulsa rally amid coronavirus6/16/2020
Amanda SimanekNewsweekCoronavirus Deaths Set to Spike in Coming Weeks Following Surge in Post-lockdown Cases, Experts Warn6/15/2020
Malia JonesUniversity Hill Farms Neighborhood NewsletterSMART Infographic6/15/2020
Sandra AlbrechtThe GuardianCorona in Corona: deadly toll in a New York neighborhood tells a story of race, poverty and inequality6/15/2020
Amanda SimanekWisContextWhy A New Disease And Fast-Changing Pandemic Make Determining Fatalities A Moving Target6/12/2020
Lindsey LeiningerNBC NewsGLOBAL HANGOUT: Ask the experts part 26/12/2020
Lindsey LeiningerNBC NewsGLOBAL HANGOUT: Ask the experts part 16/12/2020
Alison ButtenheimPhiladelphia MagazinePhilly is about to start outdoor dining. But how safe is it?6/10/2020
Lindsey LeiningerThe New York TimesHow to have friends over6/06/2020
Amanda SimanekPost CrescentProtests defy coronavirus guidelines, but health experts say engagement is 'essential.' Here's how protesters and police can reduce risk6/04/2020
Alison ButtenheimThe Philadelphia InquirerWith COVID-19 cases down, Philadelphia and suburbs move to 'yellow' reopening status Friday6/04/2020
Alison ButtenheimThe Philadelphia InquirerSchool reopening plans should focus on disease control6/04/2020
Amanda SimanekHouston Chronicle1 in 5 immigrants at ICE detention in Houston has COVID-196/3/2020
Alison ButtenheimThe Washington PostAs states reopen, here's what parents should know about distanced play dates, expanded social bubbles and more6/02/2020
Amanda SimanekCourthouse NewsFears Over Surge in Virus Cases Grow Amid Floyd Protests6/01/2020
Lindsey LeiningerThe SydcastThe "Nerdy Girls" on COVID-195/31/2020
Alison ButtenheimThe SydcastThe "Nerdy Girls" on COVID-195/31/2020
Amanda SimanekMilwaukee Journal SentinelThe number of Wisconsinites hospitalized for coronavirus is growing, one reminder that coronavirus 'hasn't gone anywhere'5/27/2020
Malia JonesPost CrescentWomen scientists' voices aren't as loud during this pandemic. A Wisconsin epidemiologist and her 'nerdy girls' want to change that. 5/27/2020
Alison ButtenheimWHYY's Radio TimesProtests, masks and public health: Where do my rights end and yours begin?5/27/2020
Lindsey LeiningerNBC NewsGLOBAL HANGOUT: Ask the experts part 25/26/2020
Lindsey LeiningerNBC NewsGLOBAL HANGOUT: Ask the experts part 15/26/2020
Amanda SimanekMilwaukee Journal Sentinel‘Once N95 masks are available, should I wear one?’ and other coronavirus questions answered by Wisconsin health experts5/22/2020
Amanda SimanekWisconsin Public Radio Central Time ProgramHow to have a safe memorial day weekend amid COVID-195/22/2020
Amanda SimanekNatureHow coronavirus lockdowns stopped flu in its tracks5/21/2020
Lindsey LeiningerUS Chamber of Commerce FoundationPath Forward: Social Distancing, Sanitization, and More: How to Create a Healthy Environment for Your Employees and Customers5/21/2020
Alison ButtenheimPoliticoStates are letting stay-at-home orders expire, regardless of virus metrics5/15/2020
Lindsey LeiningerNewsradio 1070 WKOKDr. Lindsey Leininger, Dartmouth Public Policy professor on COVID-195/08/2020
Jennifer DowdLos Angeles TimesWhat COVID-19 patients young and old can teach us about the coronavirus5/08/2020
Alison ButtenheimPhiladelphia MagazineWhen is the best time to reopen Philadelphia?5/06/2020
Amanda Simanek & Jennifer DowdWisContextWhat Wisconsin’s Shifting COVID-19 Numbers Show As Testing Broadens5/05/2020
Amanda SimanekCourthouse NewsWisconsin Justices Clash Over Legality of Lockdown Order5/05/2020
Alison ButtenheimNBC NewsGlobal hangout: Ask the experts-conversations on coronavirus5/04/2020Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Amanda SimanekWisconsin Public RadioAs More Wisconsinites Leave Home, Health Experts Warn Against Ending Social Distancing5/01/2020
Alison ButtenheimWHYYOutbreaks and epidemics: The role of Public Health5/01/2020
Jennifer DowdScience & VieCoronavirus et maintenant?5/01/2020
Amanda SimanekWUWMWhy COVID-19 is affecting Milwaukee the way it is4/30/2020
Jennifer DowdFive Thirty EightWhy are more men than women dying of COVID-19? 4/30/2020
Ashley RitterLDI Health EconomistInside the pandemic's most deadly targets: nursing homes4/29/2020
Amanda SimanekSheperd ExpressAt Least 23 Coronavirus Cases Linked to In-Person Voting4/27/2020
Jennifer DowdBloombergFixing nursing-home death traps is key to Europe's virus fight4/25/2020
Amanda SimanekNewsweekCoronavirus could be here ‘permanently’, says top advisor to U.K. Government4/23/2020
Alison ButtenheimThe Washington PostAs protesters swarm state capitols, much of the coronavirus backlash is coming from with-in4/23/2020
Amanda SimanekMilwaukee Journal SentinelWisconsin sees jump in coronavirus cases as golf courses plan to open and some local leaders map out how to ease restrictions4/22/2020
Amanda SimanekNews GraphicRecommendations, predictions explained by an epidemiologist4/21/2020No link available
Amanda SimanekWISN-TVTV interview on contact tracing, by Nick Bohr for WISN-TV4/21/2020No link available
Alison ButtenheimNew Castle NewsHarrisburg coronavirus shutdown protest4/21/2020
Alison ButtenheimPittsburgh Tribune-ReviewProtestors in Pittsburgh demand Gov. Wolf to reopen businesses amid coronavirus pandemic4/20/2020
Alison ButtenheimPennsylvania Capital-StarGov't can't save us from the virus': In raucous Capitol protest, thousands call on Wolf to re-open all of Pa4/20/2020
Alison ButtenheimWTAESome Democratic PA lawmakers rebuke calls for a 'rush to reopen' in the face of COVID-19 pandemic4/20/2020
Alison ButtenheimWESALIVE BLOG: Coronavirus in Pittsburgh, April 20-264/20/2020
Jennifer DowdNational Geographic EspañaVuelta a una nueva normalidad segregada por edades4/19/2020
Amanda SimanekWTMJ-AMRadio interview on contact tracing4/17/2020No link available
Jennifer DowdDaily MailCountries with older populations are more likely to be hit the hardest by coronavirus, study confirms - and tracking the average age could help to predict future outbreaks 4/17/2020
Ashley RitterConsumer ReportsWhat to do about your relatives in long-term care during the coronavirus pandemic4/16/2020
Jennifer DowdThe New York TimesShe was more than a statistic in a pandemic: 'We didn't want her to get lost'4/16/2020
Ashley RitterHealth Policy$ense, Leonard Davis Institute of Health EconomicsWhat the pandemic teaches us about nursing home care4/15/2020
Amanda SimanekMilwaukee Journal SentinelComputer modeling shows social distancing might be needed into 2022 to avoid coronavirus resurgence4/14/2020
Alison ButtenheimThe Colin McEnroe Show, WNPRWhen will it be safe to go back to the water?4/13/2020
Amanda SimanekMashableThose ‘optimistic’ coronavirus numbers expect you to keep hardcore social distancing4/10/2020
Malia JonesInsight Into DiversityDiverse group of women academics launch 'Dear Pandemic' Facebook page4/08/2020
Lindsey LeiningerInsight Into DiversityDiverse group of women academics launch 'Dear Pandemic' Facebook page4/08/2020
Alison ButtenheimInsight Into DiversityDiverse group of women academics launch 'Dear Pandemic' Facebook page4/08/2020
Jennifer DowdThe New York TimesAre adults living with parents making the pandemic more deadly?4/08/2020
Amanda SimanekCourthouse NewsAfter Chaotic Back-and-Forth, Wisconsin Voters Head to Polls4/07/2020
Jennifer DowdThe Sydney Morning HeraldThe puzzle of coronavirus: a huge variation in rates of death and severe disease across the globe4/04/2020
Amanda SimanekFox6 NewsTV interview on face mask use4/02/2020
Sandra AlbrechtWPIX Channel 11 News in NYCLow income zip codes hit hardest by COVID-194/02/2020
Lindsey LeiningerTuckNerdy girls versus the pandemic4/02/2020
Amanda SimanekMedscapeHow Scientists Predict How Many People Will Get COVID-194/01/2020
Sandra AlbrechtNY1Why Queens may have emerged as NYC's coronavirus epicenter4/01/2020
Sandra AlbrechtGlobal News CanadaComparing COVID-19 responses: Canada vs. the U.S.3/30/2020
Amanda SimanekHuffington PostWe Made So Much Progress On Plastic Bags. Coronavirus Could Undo It All3/27/2020
Amanda SimanekWISN-TVTV interview on how to keep your family safe if you have to leave home3/27/2020No link available
Ashley RitterThe Philadelphia InquirerNursing homes fear accepting patients who may have coronavirus exposure in hospitals3/27/2020
Alison ButtenheimLDI Health EconomistFirst Penn LDI virtual seminar tackles COVID-19 conundrums3/27/2020
Amanda SimanekMashableThe most important thing to know about social distancing3/24/2020
Amanda SimanekHealio.comWhat is the United States’ single greatest weakness in its pandemic preparedness?3/24/2020
Jennifer DowdBBCWhy social distancing might last for some time3/24/2020
Jennifer DowdBuzzFeed NewsThe coronavirus is sending lots of younger people to the hospital 3/24/2020
Jennifer DowdThe AtlanticYou should already be in lockdown 3/21/2020
Alison ButtenheimThe Philadelphia InquirerHow to help, or get help, in Philly during coronavirus3/20/2020
Amanda SimanekMashableDisease experts weigh in on crowded partying on Florida beaches3/18/2020
Alison ButtenheimRoll CallPublic health experts worry about spread of COVID-19 misinformation3/18/2020
Jennifer DowdStatNew analysis breaks down age-group risk for coronavirus -- and shows millennials are not invincible3/18/2020
Jennifer DowdEuro NewsSocial distancing working in Italy but epidemic could be determined by population demographics 3/18/2020
Jennifer DowdWorld Economic ForumItalian coronavirus pressures and flattening the curve - an epidemiology expert explains3/18/2020
Malia JonesDr. PhilSocial Epidemiologist Offerst Tips To Slow Down The Spread Of Virus That Cuases COVID-193/17/2020
Jennifer DowdWiredWhy the coronavirus hit Italy so hard3/17/2020
Jennifer DowdNBC NewsOver 3,000 cases in the U.S.; airport chaos due to new screenings3/16/2020
Jennifer DowdNews18 IndiaAge isn't just a number: Countries need to understand demographic science to effectively counter coronavirus crisis, says study3/16/2020
Amanda SimanekWisconsin Public RadioWisconsin Records Second Highest Daily COVID-19 Count9/25/2020
Amanda SimanekNewsweekWill Trump’s Europe travel restrictions work to control coronavirus in the U.S.? Likely Not, Experts Say3/12/2020
Sandra AlbrechtBusiness InsiderWhy soap is better than sanitizer to prevent COVID-193/12/2020
Alison ButtenheimTradeoffs PodcastThe novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is challenging health care systems around the world. This episode is the first in a limited series of conversations with people who are being forced to make difficult decisions in a rapidly evolving situation with many unknowns3/12/2020
Alison ButtenheimThe Philadelphia InquirerCoronavirus has shut down schools and events. Here's why that helps, short- and long-term3/08/2020
Sandra AlbrechtBusiness InsiderHow COVID-19 will affect gig economy workers3/06/2020
Alison ButtenheimWHYYAs COVID-19 creeps closer to Philly, city officials urge precaution3/06/2020
Alison ButtenheimACLUDr. Buttenheim is among public health experts who sign the open letter to government officials advocating for fair and equitable response to COVID-193/02/2020