Help Us Battle Misinformation


Nerdy followers, 2020 has been A YEAR.

We’ve laughed, we’ve ugly cried, and we’ve grieved – together.

We’ve written over 700 posts informing and empowering individuals to safely navigate pandemic life.

Despite being a volunteer operation, Dear Pandemic has not previously asked for donations, because we know the extra financial burdens you face, and we’ve all felt an intense personal calling to contribute our pandemic time in this way.

In the shadow of both joyous vaccine news and record daily numbers of COVID deaths, we’d like to put out a call for year-end financial support for those who are willing and able.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel is still long and dangerous. Our community has grown tremendously, but we’d like to make sure we reach as wide an audience as possible via extra marketing efforts during the next crucial months.

YOU can help the Nerdy Girls battle misinformation and keep more people safe AND sane with your donation (tax-deductible and as always, no amount is too small).

We could not be more grateful for our community. Your comments and support fuel us literally every day. We promise to be there dishing the science and facts all through 2021, and possibly beyond (watch out for Nerdy Girl Nation!).

THANK YOU for your support. 🙏

The Nerdy Girls


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