Nerdy Girls’ Favorite Science News Sources

Uncertainty and Misinformation

Today we are taking #GoodNewsTues quite literally – sharing out the Nerdy Girls’ favorite science news sources!

Please let us know YOUR faves in the comments!

The Nerdies’ List:

🐐Gretchen: NPR’s Goats and Soda and Kaiser Health News Morning Briefing

☝️Malia: Al Tompkins’ Covering COVID-19 Newsletter (via Poynter)

📉 Jenn: John Burn-Murdoch (@jburnmurdoch) on Twitter (Financial Times contributor) and European CDC

🔬 Alison and Sarah: Stat News

☕ Lindsey: MarketWatch, Coronavirus coverage; CNBC (great TL;DRs!); and Wall Street Journal’s Science section

👵 Ashley: National Geographic and Conversation Project

📊 Aparna: The Economist; TIME’s COVID coverage; and COVID-19 data dispatch

📰 Lauren: New York Times and Washington Post

📈 Chana: British Columbia Centre for Disease Control COVID-10 dashboard and Our World in Data

🌎 Rachael: Global Health NOW (via Johns Hopkins)

🗞️ Joanna: The Atlantic

🤓 Christine: Those Nerdy Girls of Dear Pandemic 🤗

And a special shout-out to our partners across the #NerdyNeighborhood, who provide a-mazing #scicomm on their pages! We learn so much from each of you, and are grateful for your work!

Your Nerdy Girls


NPR Goats and Soda

Kaiser Health News Morning Briefing

Al Tompkins’ Covering COVID-19

European CDC

Stat News



WSJ Science

National Geographic

The Conversation Project

The Economist


COVID-19 Data Dispatch

NY Times

Washington Post

BCCDC COVID-19 dashboard

Our World in Data

Global Health Now/Johns Hopkins

The Atlantic


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