How can I cope with the constant state of change during the pandemic?

Mental Health

A: 🍃 Change is never easy. And we have been dealing with a lot of it over the past year.

Change challenges our minds because it creates uncertainty in our thoughts and the actions of our daily lives. But there ARE things we can do to manage our discomfort with uncertainty: control what we can, challenge ourselves to do new things, and focus on the short term.

🚥 CONTROL WHAT WE CAN: We cannot change the actions of others, but we can continue to focus on the areas of our life that we can control. For example: I cannot control whether my family member will wear a mask, but I can control if I wear a mask. Here are some tips on managing anxiety from our previous post.

🌱 CHALLENGE OURSELVES TO DO NEW THINGS: One way to train your mind to be able to deal with uncertainty is to increase your exposure to new things. This can be something as simple as ordering food from a new takeout menu or going for a walk in a different location. Try it and see how you feel!

⏳ FOCUS ON THE SHORT TERM: By focusing on short term, achievable, and relevant goals, we can reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the future potential scenarios that can unfold. Instead, try focusing on what might make a difference right here and now. For example, if you are struggling with your taxes or paying rent, engage someone with expertise. If you are having a difficult time organizing your work day, engage with colleagues for best practices. And if you are struggling with a basic need like getting to sleep, see what you can do to focus on your sleep hygiene.

🤍 Finally, hold on to your vision for the future and HOPE. Hope allows us to imagine something different and spend our time in ways that are meaningful to us. As nerdy girls, we seek to instill HOPE that there is a possible different future, one in which many of us can start to re-engage with parts of our life that we have missed.

And here is one thing we can say won’t change as we move forward. We will be here for you. Moving forward in nerdy spirit into 2021, we will continue to be committed to science, accurate and accessible information, responsiveness, and inclusivity. We appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for being with us on this wild journey. Here is to an uncertain and bumpy but peaceful and joyous road ahead.

Stay Safe. Stay Sane. And Stay Hopeful!

With Love,
Those Nerdy Girls

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