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Women in STEM

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Meet Nerdy Girl Shero Chiquita Brooks-LaSure!

Women in STEM

Health policy wonks across the U.S. are cheering the appointment of Chiquita Brooks-LaSure to the top job running the country’s public health insurance programs. Her agency – the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – is responsible for insuring over 150 million people through the country’s Medicare and Medicaid programs, which together account for

You asked for more Heroes of the Pandemic. We’ve got ’em! Dr. Ala Stanford

Social and Racial Justice Vaccines Women in STEM

Tonight we’re honored to introduce Dr. Ala Stanford, pediatric surgeon and founder of Black Doctors Covid-19 Consortium in Philadelphia. Dr. Stanford has had an extraordinary career in medicine filled with both adventure and service. No stranger to “stepping up and stepping in”, she leapt into action in April, 2020 when she realized that Black Philadelphians