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Parenting and Women in Science

Families Videos

Dear Pandemic Nerdy Girls Dr. Malia Jones and Dr. Amanda Simanek chat with a collaboration of academic women who recently authored an opinion piece about women, parenting, academia and the sciences in heavy-hitting journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Our guests are Drs. Breanna Harris, Kristy Lewis, Jessica Mallish, Pimtiwitt McCarthy, Shanen Sheer,

Nerdy Guest chat with Dr. Valerie Paz-Soldan

Infection and Spread Videos

We chat with Tulane professor, social scientist and public health researcher Dr. Valerie Paz Soldan about the COVID-19 pandemic in Peru. Charlamos con la Dra. Valerie Paz Soldan, profesora en la Universidad de Tulane, científica social e investigadora de salud pública, sobre la pandemia de COVID-19 en Perú See Less Link to original FB post

Housing Policy and the Pandemic

Social and Racial Justice Videos

Dr. Michael Lens of UCLA Luskin School of Public Policy chats with Malia Jones of Dear Pandemic about housing policy & COVID-19. Links to additional reading on housing and inequality suggested by Dr. Lens at the end of the video: 1. Generation Priced Out (book) by Randy Shaw 2. The Color of Law (book) by