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Parenting and Women in Science

Families Videos

Dear Pandemic Nerdy Girls Dr. Malia Jones and Dr. Amanda Simanek chat with a collaboration of academic women who recently authored an opinion piece about women, parenting, academia and the sciences in heavy-hitting journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Our guests are Drs. Breanna Harris, Kristy Lewis, Jessica Mallish, Pimtiwitt McCarthy, Shanen Sheer,

Nerdy Guest chat with Dr. Valerie Paz-Soldan

Infection and Spread Videos

We chat with Tulane professor, social scientist and public health researcher Dr. Valerie Paz Soldan about the COVID-19 pandemic in Peru. Charlamos con la Dra. Valerie Paz Soldan, profesora en la Universidad de Tulane, científica social e investigadora de salud pública, sobre la pandemia de COVID-19 en Perú See Less Link to original FB post