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Dear Pandemic COVID Boosters Live Q&A

Vaccines Videos

An all-new special Live Q&A at 9am Central Time Saturday, Oct 2! We’ll be talking ALL ABOUT BOOSTERS and answering your ❓’s about mix & match, ❓’s about timing, ❓’s about flu shots + COVID-19 boosters, ❓’s about boosters after you got COVID-19! So many ❓❓❓’s! ➡️ Welcome and Intros (0:00-1:57) ➡️ Week in Review:

Si tuve COVID, ¿Aún necesito vacunarme?

Vaccines Videos

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Why should we vaccinate our kids against COVID-19?

Families/Kids Vaccines Videos

Why should we vaccinate our kids against COVID-19? Dr. Chana Davis, PhD from Fueled by Science explains as a scientist and a mom. It’s not just about helping us get to herd immunity, it’s about minimizing the risk to your child: “If you don’t vaccinate your kid ever…they will eventually get it.” ICYMI, watch Dr.

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

Biology/Immunity Families/Kids Vaccines Videos

Malia Jones of Dear Pandemic and Alison Bernstein of Mommy, PhD and SciMoms are teaming up to talk blood donations, CDC mask guidance, kids’ vaccines, and herd immunity. ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and chit chat (0:00-1:58) ➡️ Will blood donation after vaccination lessen my immunity or provide immunity to the person receiving my blood? (2:00-3:30) ➡️