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Is any country using “mix and match” COVID-19 vaccines?


A: No, but a small trial of this approach has just begun in the UK. What is a mix and match strategy? This refers using different types of vaccines for the first and second dose. While some incorrect headlines a few weeks back suggested the UK was adopting this strategy, in fact their guidelines merely

¿La vacuna de COVID19 causa anafilaxia?

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R: La anafilaxia es una reacción alérgica grave pero muy rara. Los síntomas de la anafilaxia pueden incluir: inflamación de la cara, garganta o lengua, dificultad para respirar, respiración sibilante, urticaria, dolor abdominal y presión arterial baja. La anafilaxia es una emergencia y se trata con epinefrina inyectada en el músculo de la pierna. Aunque

¿Cómo se controlará la seguridad de la vacuna en EE.UU.?

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P: ¡La vacunación contra COVID-19 ha comenzado! ¿Cómo se controlará la seguridad de la vacuna en EE.UU.? R: A medida que mejoren los suministros de vacunas, más personas comenzarán a vacunarse en las próximas semanas y meses. Aunque los datos de seguridad de los ensayos clínicos son muy buenos, el monitoreo de la seguridad es

What’s going on globally with the vaccine rollout?

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A. It’s not good – especially if we’re trying to reach herd immunity by the end of 2021. Getting “back to normal,” or some semblance of normal, even for the U.S., will require widespread uptake of COVID-19 vaccines all around the world. The virus doesn’t adhere to national boundaries, and long-term travels bans to limit

What’s the current advice on the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy?

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A: Overall, there is no evidence that risks of vaccination would outweigh the benefits for pregnant women, but specific guidance varies by country. Why no clear guidance? As with almost all drug/vaccine trials, the current Phase III COVID-19 clinical trials did not include pregnant women (though some participants became pregnant during the Pfizer and Moderna

Debunking of Dangerous and False Vaccine Rumors

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Thanks to our awesome partner Your local epidemiologist for this science-based debunking of some really dangerous and false vaccine rumors circulating recently. Update: Your local epidemiologist’s post reached a couple million people. The Facebook algorithm has removed it, so we’re just gonna paste the content here. #FactsMatter “COVID19 vaccines will destroy our lives” posted by

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

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In this live Q&A, Dear Pandemic contributing scientists Drs. Malia Jones & Michelle Kinder will be tackling questions from our readers about the different kinds of vaccines, vaccine side effects, and questions about masks! If you have a question, put it in our question box at www.dearpandemic.org. ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and Announcements (0:00-2:10) ➡️ Explainer

¿Debería preocuparme por los posibles efectos secundarios a largo plazo de las vacunas COVID-19?

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R: Siendo realistas, no. Biológicamente, las posibilidades de efectos a largo plazo son extremadamente pequeños. BREVE RESUMEN: Los efectos secundarios graves de la vacuna son extremadamente raros y ocurren horas o días después de la vacunación, no meses o años. El riesgo de infección y los efectos a largo plazo en la salud a causa

Update on Novavax and Johnson & Johnson Vaccines


BREAKING NEWS: It’s been an eventful last 24 hours with release of Phase III trial results from both Novavax & Johnson & Johnson! TL;DR: We have two more vaccines with very good (but not perfect) protection against symptomatic disease, but *very* good protection against severe disease. The J&J one dose regimen along with regular temperature