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¿Existe una manera fácil de averiguar si soy elegible para una vacuna de refuerzo contra el COVID-19 en EE.UU.?

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Sí, en EE.UU. hay una herramienta útil en línea que le puede indicar si es elegible para un refuerzo en función de su edad, las dosis que ya recibió y si está inmunocomprometido. ✳️ Visite esta página, responda algunas preguntas y descubra si es elegible para el nuevo refuerzo bivalente COVID-19 (que se dirige tanto

Do flu shots work?

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Yes. Annual flu vaccines prevent hundreds of thousands of cases of flu and save thousands of lives every year. The answer to the question “how well do they work” isn’t black and white because it changes from year to year, and even sometimes within a season. But even in a year when the flu vaccine

Does the bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccine help protect against getting sick from COVID-19?


Short answer: yes! The bivalent booster vaccine does give additional protection against symptomatic COVID-19 infections for people who had previously received the OG COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. In September 2022, the US Advisory Committee on immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended that all persons aged 12 and up who had already gotten their primary series of COVID-19 vaccines