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When are Omicron-specific boosters coming?


Both Pfizer and Moderna have asked FDA to authorize “bivalent” COVID-19 vaccine booster shots, and they could be available to people 12 and up as early as the first week of September. Bivalent means that the vaccine is designed to protect against two strains of the virus. In this case, the two strains are the

How do the monkeypox vaccines work?

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The JYNNEOS vaccine is a live, attenuated FDA-approved vaccine for the prevention of monkeypox and smallpox. This means that the vaccine contains a weakened version of the vaccinia virus, a virus very similar to monkeypox and smallpox. This weakened virus cannot make copies of itself or spread. The body recognizes the virus and makes antibodies

La Organización Mundial de La Salud recientemente público un artículo que sirve como guía para hablar sobre las vacunas de manera positiva con familiares y amigos.

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Las gráficas y el articulo que compartimos fueron creados por La Organización Mundial de La Salud @WHO: Cómo hablar sobre las vacunas. Este contenido no fue creado por Querida Pandemia y para cualquier pregunta adicional sobre este contenido, por favor comuníquese con la fuente. ¡Para cualquier otra pregunta, no dude en enviarnos sus preguntas directamente!

If I got the smallpox vaccine as a kid, am I protected against monkeypox?

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Short answer: Probably to some degree, but just how much is up in the air. Because the virus that causes monkeypox is similar to the smallpox virus, smallpox vaccines are effective at preventing people from getting monkeypox. Prior studies using the Dryvax vaccine (the first-generation smallpox vaccine that was used during smallpox eradication), showed that

Dear Pandemic Live Q&A 08-12-22

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Those Nerdy Girls answer your questions about Monkeypox, masking at school, bivalent boosters, COVID-19 rebound, and more. Hosted by: – Malia Jones, PhD, MPH: Dear Pandemic Co-Founder & former EIC – Chana Davis, PhD: Dear Pandemic Contributing Writer & Founder, Fueled by Science ➡️ Welcome and Intros (0:00-0:46) ➡️ Monkeypox – How worried should I

If a variant has mutations in the spike protein, does that mean the vaccines won’t work?

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Tl;dr: mutations can make vaccines less effective, but that doesn’t mean they render them useless. Immunity isn’t all or nothing, and the current vaccines still provide protection, especially against severe disease and death. Many have been concerned that because (so far) our COVID vaccines have used the spike protein from the original SARS-CoV-2 virus (also

Happy National Immunization Awareness Month!

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Vaccines are one of the greatest public health achievements of all time and August is the month to celebrate! Vaccines do more than just protecting us from diseases (although that is pretty freaking great!). They also support a functional economy, keep kids in school and adults at work, reduce poverty, prevent disease outbreaks, improve health

La vacuna de Novavax es una nueva vacuna disponible en EE.UU. y muchos otros países. Los profesionales de la salud pública esperan que la forma en que funciona tranquilice a algunas personas que tienen dudas sobre las vacunas contra el COVID-19.

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A diferencia de todas las demás vacunas disponibles hasta ahora, esta vacuna *no* recluta nuestras células para que produzcan la proteína de la espiga del SARS-CoV-2. En cambio, simplemente contiene la proteína de la espiga. No contiene el virus completo, por lo que no puede causar una infección. Esto es similar a la forma en