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I’ve heard a lot of stuff about flu shots. What’s true?

Staying Safe Vaccines

A: There are tons of myths and misconceptions out there about the flu shot. This week, our Friendly Family Doc breaks them down and sets the record straight! Myth: The flu vaccine causes the flu. Fact: Nope! There are multiple formulations of the influenza vaccine, both injectable and a nasal spray. Flu shots contain inactive

Why do we need to worry about flu season?

Staying Safe Vaccines

Amanda from Vermont asks: Why do we need to worry about flu season? Won’t our COVID safety measures also protect us from flu? A: You’re right that the same precautions will protect you from COVID-19 and influenza, but the fact that COVID-19 cases are still on the rise in the United States means that not

Lottsa Vaccine Questions Answered


Q: How much longer until there’s a $#&^#% vaccine?!?! Q: How do vaccine trials work, by the way? Q: Once there’s a vaccine, the pandemic is over, right? Q: How will I know if it’s safe to get the vaccine? Q: What about that AstraZeneca trial that was stopped? A: Lotsa vaccine questions! Answers below.

Update on Herd Immunity

Biology/Immunity Infection and Spread Vaccines

Update: We know there is on-going chatter about herd immunity. We are re-posting the explainer below, as little has changed as far as the assumptions for what it would take to achieve “natural” herd immunity. TL;DR: it’s bleak. Even at a theoretically lower threshold (50% vs 70%), the expected number of deaths is devastating. So

Did the CDC just say there would be a vaccine ready on November 1?


A: Nope, but they did make some requests to state public health officials that have a lot of folks reading the vaccine tea leaves. So what actually went down? On August 27, Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the CDC, sent a letter to state governors asking that they expedite requests from McKesson Corporation for permits

Vaccines and the Immune System

Vaccines Videos

Q: How does a vaccine work? What viruses are particularly difficult to design a vaccine for? A: Thank you for this GREAT question from an awesome 6-year old follower. A vaccine takes a dead or very weak virus and introduces it to the body to trick your immune system into building an immune response that