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Uncertainty and Misinformation

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How can we equip the next generation of Nerdy Girls to stop the spread of misinformation?

Uncertainty and Misinformation Women in STEM

A: Start building their scientific literacy skills now! Below we share three super neat resources that can help kids (across a range of ages) learn about the scientific method, get introduced to careers in various scientific fields, and gain the skills needed to become savvy consumers (and sharers) of scientific information! *Zoey and Sassafras*- a

El dióxido de cloro no puede prevenir ni curar el COVID-19 (pero puede causar insuficiencia hepática)

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❗Tomar dióxido de cloro (o sus parientes, como el hipoclorito de sodio) no previene ni cura el COVID-19. Y es peligroso. ⛔El dióxido de cloro puede causar insuficiencia renal y hepática aguda, perforaciones intestinales con sepsis, 🤮 vómitos y 🤢 diarrea, anemia, alteración de la tiroides y lesiones neurológicas. No es seguro para el consumo

Nerdy Publication alert!

Uncertainty and Misinformation Women in STEM

The Nerdy Girls are thrilled to share a jointly authored editorial in the American Journal of Health Promotion sharing our “Let’s Learn” communication strategy: 💥 Lesson #1: ➡️ Listening and Empathy Come First In the Dear Pandemic community, learning is a two-way street. Our readers are among our best teachers. Read the full essay here: