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Announcing the Dear Pandemic podcast!


Good news! Dear Pandemic now has a podcast! It’s called I Have Questions. Find it wherever you get podcasts, or at For now, the podcast is weekly Q&A with follower questions and Dear Pandemic contributor answers. We’ll be adding longer-format interviews with other experts soon, so stay tuned. If you have a question, put

Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Dear Ruth Bader Ginsburg, You inspired us. You led through persistence and action. You paved the way for many women to achieve their dreams. You will be terribly missed and forever a guiding light. Love, Those Nerdy Girls 12 Powerful Quotes from RBG – Town and Country RBG Obit – The Guardian Link to original

Dear Pandemic talks to authors of recent PNAS opinion about parenting and women in science in a pandemic

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Dear Pandemic Nerdy Girls Dr. Malia Jones and Dr. Amanda Simanek chat with a collaboration of academic women who recently authored an opinion piece about women, parenting, academia and the sciences in heavy-hitting journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Our guests are Drs. Breanna Harris, Kristy Lewis, Jessica Mallish, Pimtiwitt McCarthy, Shanen Sheer,

Why don’t my pants fit? Can I blame it on Covid-19?


A: Weight changes can occur for a number of reasons. Covid-19 has triggered a multitude of opportunities to mess with your wardrobe and nutritional health. While some are experiencing the “Quarantine -15”, a fluctuation up or down of 15 pounds in your typical body weight, others are struggling with food insecurity. Here are a few

What’s happening with our food supply?


A: The current pandemic has tested the limits of our interconnected yet fragile food supply chain. As a result of this virus and its associated lockdowns, trade restrictions, and closed borders, we are seeing lots of changes. * Grocery store prices are increasing, especially for meat and eggs. Remember, people are eating many more of

I love all the virtual choir videos that have been posted since stay-at-home orders started. Seriously — how do they *do* that?! My church choir got on Zoom and tried to sing together and it…didn’t go so well.


A: We love the virtual choir videos, too! Super inspiring! And there’s a pretty straightforward method to their madness. Here’s how it works: Once the song has been selected for the virtual choir performance, someone makes a “reference track”. This is an audio recording with instrumental or vocal tracks for all the voice parts. It

Does wearing a cloth mask protect me, or protect others?

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A: Mostly others, but if we all wear them in places where maintaining an adequate distance from others is challenging, we can all potentially protect each other. The key to understanding this is distinguishing transmission via ingress vs. egress. For the most part, discussion of mask use early in the pandemic focused on preventing INGRESS


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COVID CRUSH is a toy model of disease transmission created by our very own nerdy girl, Malia Jones, and her team in the Applied Population Lab at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Things you can do with this model: 1 – SEE the effects of different levels of social distancing 2 – Home School

Dear Pandemic, I’m having trouble sleeping. Help!


A: Now more than ever, we need to prioritize our sleep. Sufficient restorative sleep improves physical health (including immune function), psychological well-being, and cognition. Here are some tips from the Sleep Research Society to help you sleep during a pandemic. Highlights include: * Wake up at the same time every day. * Get bright light