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¿Puede el plasma sanguíneo ser una cura para Covid-19?

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R: La evidencia sugiere que aún no está claro. El Proyecto Nacional de Plasma Convaleciente Covid-19 (“The National Covid-19 Convalescent Plasma Project” (NCCPP)) es un recurso sobresaliente de todos los ensayos clínicos que están en marcha, los artículos científicos claves hasta la fecha e incluye información en cómo donar sangre o de cómo recibir un

¿Cómo me cuido a mí mismo o a alguien con quien vivo si resultamos positivos de Covid-19?

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R: La mayoría de los casos de Covid-19 se tratan en casa. Teniendo en cuenta cómo se verá esto en su hogar, puede prepararlo a usted para este evento no deseado pero posible, y ayudar a limitar la propagación de la infección dentro de su hogar. “The Learning Agendy Lab Covid-19 @ Home Toolkit” provee

What are the “really good drugs and knowledge” that Trump tweeted about? Can I get these drugs if I get COVID-19?


A: Not quite. The drugs that Donald Trump received after contracting COVID-19 are either still in clinical trials or available in limited quantities for people with serious infections. Trump received a level of treatment that is not available to the general public yet. While scientists have developed lots of new knowledge to better manage infections,

Is blood plasma a cure for COVID19?


A. The evidence suggests it’s still not clear. For today’s #TBT, we’re revisiting our previous post from May 12 which summarized the history, rationale, evidence to date around the use of blood plasma (also referred to as convalescent plasma) to treat COVID19. This was also a popular question from our weekly roundup, *and* it’s been


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THE DATA (STILL) SUGGEST “NO” New data out of the Detroit area find that hospitalized COVID patients receiving hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) were less likely to die than those not receiving the drug. Sensational headlines ensued. The scientific community sighed in disappointment and frustration. Why? (1) Administration of HCQ was NOT RANDOMIZED (2) The HCQ and non-HCQ

What have we learned about treatment of Covid-19 to date?


A: New discoveries happen every day! In addition to research taking place to develop a vaccine, many clinicians and researchers are learning more about how to treat Covid-19 infection. The new knowledge about treatment falls into three categories: 1) pathophysiology of Covid-19 infection, 2) decreasing disease severity, and 3) minimizing long-term complications. Understanding the physiologic

How do I make sense of all of the treatments being tested in clinical trials?! I can’t keep up – anti-virals, anti-inflammatories, antibodies….OH MY.


A: What a confusing jumble! We Nerdy Girls like to keep the following phrase in mind: TREATMENT TIMING MATTERS. Different treatments target different points in the disease course, as helpfully demonstrated in these figures. Punchline: We’ll need an entire bag of treatment tricks to beat this devilishly nasty disease. A little more context: First we