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Chlorine dioxide can’t prevent or cure COVID-19 (but it can cause liver failure).

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Taking chlorine dioxide (or its relatives, such as sodium hypochlorite) does not prevent or cure COVID-19. And it is dangerous. Chlorine dioxide can cause acute kidney and liver failure, intestinal perforations with sepsis, vomiting & diarrhea, anemia, thyroid disruption, and neurological injury. It is not safe for human consumption. Not even if it comes labeled

💥 #GoodNewsTues: Clinical Trial Edition! 💥


Pfizer’s antiviral regimen appears highly effective at keeping high-risk COVID-19 patients alive and out of the hospital, and demonstrates no safety concerns in the final reporting from its pivotal randomized controlled trial. These findings are especially welcome in the wake of deep disappointment surrounding the lackluster final trial results of Merck’s antiviral. But before we

Could Luvox help me recover from COVID-19?


A: Maybe. Maybe not. The evidence is promising, but we still need more information. ⬇️ Read on for the why, what we know, and what we don’t yet know. WHY THIS WORKS? Recently, people have focused on using medications that already exist to help treat people who have COVID-19 and help them get better sooner.

Noticias sobre una opción de tratamiento del COVID-19 muy prometedora

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El fabricante de medicamentos Merck ha presentado recientemente los datos de los ensayos clínicos de su tratamiento oral de investigación para el COVID-19, llamado -molnupiravir-. Esto es lo que sabemos hasta ahora: La píldora antiviral de Merck redujo a la mitad las probabilidades de que los pacientes recién diagnosticados de COVID-19 fueran hospitalizados, en comparación



Key points: ✔️ Randomized trial data suggest Pfizer’s COVID-19 antiviral pill is safe and efficacious in high-risk unvaccinated populations ✔️ Taken in combo w/a common HIV drug, Pfizer’s antiviral reduces risk of hospitalization or death by 89% over placebo when taken w/in 3 days of onset ✔️ What scientists still want to know: How well



TGIF! We now have *TWO* successful COVID antiviral pills likely headed to market ASAP! From Pfizer’s CEO: “Today’s news is a real game-changer in the global efforts to halt the devastation of this pandemic. These data suggest that our oral antiviral candidate, if approved or authorized by regulatory authorities, has the potential to save patients’

Breaking news on the treatment front!


We Nerdy Girls are abuzz about the a-mazing clinical trial data reported out by Merck on its investigational antiviral pill. Here’s what we know so far: ➡️ Merck’s antiviral pill reduced by 50% the chances that newly diagnosed COVID-19 patients would be hospitalized over a 1-month period relative to placebo ➡️ No red flags raised