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What are the current trends in MIS-C?

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A: MIS-C, or Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in children, is possible when kids with COVID-19 get really sick and different body parts (like the lungs, heart, kidneys, brain, or gut) become inflamed and damaged. It is a rare, but very serious, medical problem. Though kids are less likely to get seriously ill from COVID-19, as the

¿Qué funciona para el tratamiento de COVID-19 en personas que no están hospitalizadas?

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R: En cuanto al tratamiento, lamentablemente todavía hay más preguntas que respuestas, pero repasemos la evidencia. En resumen, la combinación de bamlanivimab / etesevimab (️terapia de anticuerpos monoclonales) puede ser útil pero no está disponible fácilmente en EE.UU. o en el resto del mundo. La evidencia aún no está clara en relación con la ivermectina,,

Can a common asthma treatment also treat COVID-19?


A: New clues are hopeful! Alas we can’t yet declare “case closed.” New data out of Oxford suggest that the inhaled drug budesonide* may greatly reduce hospitalization risk for COVID-19 patients when used within one week of symptom onset. As noted in the press release: “The 28-day study of 146 patients suggested that inhaled budesonide

¿Hay algo de verdad en que la ivermectina previene o disminuye la severidad del COVID-19?

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R. Hasta el momento, todavía no tenemos buena evidencia científica de que la ivermectina sea segura y eficaz para la prevención o el tratamiento del COVID-19. Sin embargo, actualmente se están llevando a cabo varios Ensayos Clínicos Aleatorios (ECA) que ojalá nos proporcionen una respuesta a esta pregunta tan importante . ¿Qué es la ivermectina?

Melatonin and COVID-19


Q: I’m seeing chatter around a study re: melatonin and COVID-19 prevention and recovery. Should we be taking melatonin every night? What’s an appropriate amount to avoid disrupting our sleep hormones TOO much and having a dose that might actually help?” A: TL;DR: Sufficient restorative sleep is essential for a healthy immune system. Melatonin, which

Is there any truth that ivermectin prevents or lessens the severity of COVID-19?

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A. So far, we still have no evidence from well-designed randomized clinical trials (RCTs) that ivermectin is safe and effective for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19. However, several RCTs are currently underway which will hopefully provide us with an answer to this important question. ➡️What is ivermectin? Ivermectin (Iv) is a drug FDA-approved for