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I was paying attention to the US election news this week and didn’t really follow the pandemic news. Now I check the numbers and — whoa! What happened??!?

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Q: Does this mean more lockdowns? To be honest, I’m kinda done. A: Cases are surging, we have rough weeks ahead, and everyone’s collective will to combat the pandemic has eroded. Stay focused on the things you can do in the short term, and stay realistic about this new surge. First, the numbers: If you

¿Podría proveer alguna actualización sobre la seguridad de viajar en avión en este momento, antes de los días festivos?

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R: ¡Si! Algunos estudios nuevos sugieren que el riesgo de transmisión de COVID-19 en aviones es bajo *cuando se usa la mascarilla constantemente*. Mientras esto es una buena noticia, otros aspectos de viajar todavía presentan la oportunidad de exponerse a SARS-CoV-2 en ruta a su destino, así que siguiendo las precauciones #eSMART durante las celebraciones

How do I break it to my mother-in-law that we’re not coming to Christmas dinner? 😬😬😬

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A: Here’s the bottom line: you are not in control of other people’s thoughts, feelings, or actions. You can only control your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. And you do not have to sacrifice your comfort to make someone else happy. Be firm, be brief, focus on your own decisions rather than hers, and don’t

Q from Ellen from NYC: What do we do when college-age children come home at Thanksgiving? Should they come home?

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A: “Come Home and Stay Home” or “Don’t Come Home” are your best options. Coming home just for the Thanksgiving holiday and then returning to campus is *not* a good plan. Thanks to Ellen for voicing a common concern. Back in August, the big question for college kids was how they could return to campus