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What’s the update with COVID-19-sniffing dogs?

Reopening Testing and Contact Tracing Travel

A. The Helsinki-Vantaa airport welcomed COVID-19-sniffing dogs to their staff last week, hoping to use their keen sense of smell to detect COVID-19 positive patients up to 5 days before symptoms appear. Dubai International Airport also has a team of dogs sniffing for COVID-19. Here’s how the airport testing works: Prospective passengers rub a wipe

So what’s the skinny on safe(r) hotel stays?

Staying Safe Travel

Travel and Leisure magazine to the rescue — w/a great set of tips from infectious disease experts! TL;DR: (1) Pay close attention to regional transmission rates (2) Do your research on the hotel’s safety protocols (3) Avoid shared facilities and high-touch surfaces For ALL the scoop on hotel and and AirBnB stays, we also recommend

What safety precautions should I take when traveling by air?

Staying Safe Travel

A: If you can avoid air travel, that is still the safest option. In general, CDC notes, “Travel increases your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.” If you are sick, you should not travel. We did, however, previously address ways to reduce

What steps should families who want to visit relatives who are older and/or more vulnerable to complications of COVID-19 take to protect their loved ones?

Families Infection and Spread Staying Safe Travel

A: We all miss our families (yes, us too!) and while navigating how to keep loved ones safe can feel overwhelming, the Nerdy Girls are here to help you make the best decisions possible based on the best information available! Luckily there are some key things (as highlighted in the NPR article below) you can