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Testing and Contact Tracing

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Nerdy Guest Sivanthy Vasanthan on Contact Tracing

Testing and Contact Tracing

Joining us today is Nerdy Guest, Sivanthy Vasanthan, a Case Investigator for New York City’s COVID-19 Test and Trace Corps, the public health initiative that oversees the city’s contact tracing program. She has been in this position since the program’s inception in May 2020. Sivanthy is a recent graduate from Columbia Public Health, where she

How frequently should students in a college community get tested in order to prevent large COVID-19 outbreaks?

Reopening School Testing and Contact Tracing

A: Every 2 days, according to one recently-published model. Every 2 days!? Whaaaaah???? With hundreds of thousands of students around the country headed back to college campuses this month, COVID testing is something every college needs to plan for: Who, how, and how often? The “how often” question was answered last week in a study

What is surveillance?

Data and Metrics Testing and Contact Tracing

A: Our nerdy guest, Dr. Meredith Matone (Scientific Director, CHOP Policy Lab) helped us to understand this concept last week in a Facebook Live Interview. Here we offer a brief follow up to continue to shed light on the concept of surveillance. Surveillance is: the early and systematic monitoring of community health data to inform

What is the timeline from exposure to viral shedding to symptoms? When do people stop being contagious? When can I get out of quarantine? When is a PCR test accurate?

Infection and Spread Testing and Contact Tracing

For today’s #ThrowbackThursday, we revisit a post from May 4th about the timeline of infection. A: This timeline, which we adapted from several sources, visualizes the incubation period and infectious period (also called contagious period), along with the timeline for seeing symptoms, timing for a reliable PCR test, and the typical timeline to hospitalization and

When should I get tested?

Infection and Spread Testing and Contact Tracing

Introducing Nerdy Guest Ajay Sethi, PhD, MHS. Dr. Sethi is a leading infectious disease epidemiologist at UW-Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health. (@AjayKSethi on Twitter!) ____________________________________________ Q: When should I get tested? When I’m sick? When I have specific symptoms? When I’m sick and not getting better after several days? When a family member

What is pool testing?

Testing and Contact Tracing

A: In simple terms, pool testing (also referred to as “group testing” or “batch testing”) combines many tests into one sample. The benefit is that it can facilitate an increase in testing capabilities as well as result in cost/resource savings (when supplies are low). This is not a new strategy to test individuals for infectious

How does contact tracing work again? With states reopening, how is that component of the test-trace-isolate strategy going so far?

Testing and Contact Tracing

A. Well…there are challenges. Contact tracing is a tried and true public health measure that’s been successfully used to contain other infectious diseases (e.g measles, HIV, food poisoning outbreaks, etc). Indeed, the CDC has indicated that it is a necessary precursor for easing lockdown restrictions. The uploaded graphic illustrates the steps in the process. However,

I don’t currently have any symptoms, but I want to visit older family members soon, so I went and got a PCR test for COVID-19 (i.e., the kind that detects *current* infection). My test came back negative, so I am in the clear, right?

Socializing Testing and Contact Tracing

A: Not necessarily. You should consider the possibility that you got a negative test result even though you are truly infected. After you are exposed to SARS-CoV-2, the amount of virus in your body builds up over time, reaching its highest level, right before symptom onset. It can take 2-14 days (average of 5-6) from

This Sunday, we wanted to answer a few questions and also give you a brief update on the news this week (pandemic related)!

Infection and Spread Masks Staying Safe Testing and Contact Tracing

We also have a brief infographic for you that answers these questions. Read on if you want the full answers and links. And if you have time, test your COVID-19 knowledge and read a few great tips from therapists on how to cope during this pandemic. Quiz Therapy WHAT IF I KEEP TESTING POSITIVE FOR