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Testing and Contact Tracing

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Are there really false positives from COVID tests?

Testing and Contact Tracing

Q: Jennifer from Texas asks: Are there really false-positives from COVID tests? If so, how is it possible for a test to pick up something that is not there? A: Yep, they exist. High-profile false-positive COVID tests are making the news again after Michael Burton of the New Orleans Saints erroneously tested positive the day

Why wasn’t a test-only strategy sufficient for preventing transmission of COVID-19 in the White House?

Testing and Contact Tracing

A: Testing individuals for COVID-19, while a necessary component of our public health strategy, doesn’t 100% prevent those who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 from transmitting the infection to others BEFORE they test positive. The type of testing strategy used by the White House was to screen individuals for COVID-19 using a rapid antigen-based test (i.e.,

What’s the update with COVID-19-sniffing dogs?

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A. The Helsinki-Vantaa airport welcomed COVID-19-sniffing dogs to their staff last week, hoping to use their keen sense of smell to detect COVID-19 positive patients up to 5 days before symptoms appear. Dubai International Airport also has a team of dogs sniffing for COVID-19. Here’s how the airport testing works: Prospective passengers rub a wipe

Can children spread COVID-19 in child care facilities (children 5 and under)?

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From our follower Question Box!! A: Yes, while we know that children are less likely to experience severe illness due to COVID-19, increasing evidence tells us that children can spread (transmit) the virus. But, it is not clear if they are more likely to do so than adults or if likelihood of transmission varies by

Nerdy Guest Sivanthy Vasanthan on Contact Tracing

Testing and Contact Tracing

Joining us today is Nerdy Guest, Sivanthy Vasanthan, a Case Investigator for New York City’s COVID-19 Test and Trace Corps, the public health initiative that oversees the city’s contact tracing program. She has been in this position since the program’s inception in May 2020. Sivanthy is a recent graduate from Columbia Public Health, where she