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What happened with that Yankees COVID-19 outbreak? What does it mean for vaccine effectiveness?

Testing and Contact Tracing Vaccines

A: While several vaccinated players tested positive, they were almost all asymptomatic. TL; DR- Nine members of the New York Yankees tested positive for COVID-19 after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Among those who tested positive only one reported mild symptoms. These cases were discovered because the Yankees test regularly, unlike most other vaccinated

Are there really COVID-sniffing bees?

Testing and Contact Tracing

A: TL;DR. Turns out bees have great sniffers, just like dogs! Preliminary studies demonstrate up to 95% accuracy in detection of COVID-19 using multiple specially trained honeybees. Scientists of all stripes have stepped up to the challenge of helping fight the COVID-19 pandemic, including scientists who specialize in insects with yellow and black stripes. Researchers

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

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In this live Q&A, we’re teaming up with our science gal-pals at the Unbiased Science Podcast, Drs. Andrea Love and Jessica Steier! We’ll be answering reader questions about antibody testing after vaccination, viral variants & kids, #thrifting, and whether your COVID-19 vaccine can make you test positive for COVID.  https://www.facebook.com/unbiasedscipod/ ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and Comments

Home poop tests anyone?

Testing and Contact Tracing

Q: I’ve heard that some colleges are testing wastewater from dorms to find out if there is Covid. Does this mean there could be accurate(ish) home fecal tests in our future? I can’t decide if I want the answer to be yes or no. A. The Nerdy Girls support innovation, accuracy, affordability, and accessibility. And

With all this holiday travel, why don’t airports have COVID-sniffing dogs?

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A: As noted in prior posts, highly trained dogs have the incredible capacity to successfully detect the odor of people with COVID-19 by sniffing human sweat. Pilot programs using COVID-sniffing dogs to detect infection among potential passengers have already launched in airports in Finland, the United Arab Emirates, and most recently Chile. These pilot projects

What’s up with the new CDC guidelines for shorter quarantine periods?

Testing and Contact Tracing

A: The guidelines represent a “most bang for your buck” approach to preventing transmission of COVID-19 at the population level–but quarantining for 14 days is still the recommended and safest approach. While our scientific understanding of how long it takes to develop COVID-19 symptoms after being exposed (science term: incubation period) still says up to