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Are you truly a COVID-19 virgin?

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Maybe …or maybe not. Recent studies suggest that many people are unaware of their past COVID-19 infections. A Canadian study found that, in people with antibodies showing previous infection, roughly half of them thought they were COVID-19 virgins. This study used blood samples from roughly 15,000 Canadian adults surveyed across the country from April 2022

Las pruebas de COVID-19 en casa siguen siendo una de las mejores herramientas para prevenir la propagación del virus. Vea información actualizada sobre cuándo hacerse una prueba en casa y qué hacer con el resultado

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Esta gráfica fue creada por el Public Health Communications Collaborative  Esta gráfica no fue creada por Las Nerdy Girls. Puede haber algunas inconsistencias en esta gráfica. Para cualquier pregunta adicional sobre esta gráfica, por favor comuníquese con la fuente. ¡Para cualquier otra pregunta, no dude en enviarnos sus preguntas directamente! ¡Gracias! Fuente aquí Enlace a

¿Las pruebas rápidas de antígeno detectan las últimas variantes de COVID-19?

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Las pruebas rápidas de detección de antígenos pueden detectar las últimas variantes de COVID-19, pero su rendimiento puede ser más débil que con las cepas originales de SARS-CoV-2. Muchos factores, como la variante vírica, la marca de la prueba y la cantidad de virus presente en el hisopo, influyen en la eficacia de las pruebas

Is it OK to use Flonase, allergy sprays, saline mist, or Neti pots before I take a COVID-19 rapid test or will it change my results?

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Great question from Leah!* The answer: Yes, it is OK! We don’t have evidence that using nose sprays or Neti pots will change your COVID-19 rapid test results! TL; DR: The SARS CoV-2 rapid antigen tests (aka COVID-19 rapid tests) become positive if they find a lot of the protein that that comes from SARS

Dear Pandemic Live Q&A 01-18-23

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Those Nerdy Girls deliver a New Year’s message from our CEO Dr. Ashley Ritter and also share advice on staying healthy during the tripledemic, including testing, masking, and more. Hosted by Those Nerdy Girls with: – Ashley Ritter, APRN, PhD:TNG CEO & Founding Member – Chana Davis, PhD: TNG Contributing Writer & Founder at Fueled

Does getting COVID-19 rapid tests covered by your insurance require you to pay out-of-pocket and then get reimbursed?

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Not always! In many cases you can walk into a pharmacy, provide your insurance card, and walk out with 8 free tests! No paperwork or reimbursement required. If you have health insurance in the U.S. (via your employer, Medicare Part B, Medicaid, or the Affordable Care Act marketplace) **EACH PERSON** in your family covered on


Testing and Contact Tracing

Starting *today*, U.S. households can order 4 *FREE* rapid tests!!! The steps are easy: 🌟 Visit https://www.covid.gov/tests 🌟 Enter your name and address (and email if you want shipping notifications) 🌟 Tests will start shipping next week Order now to get tests you can use before holiday and new year’s gatherings! 🎉🎉🎉 P.S. If you