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With all this holiday travel, why don’t airports have COVID-sniffing dogs?

Data and Metrics Testing and Contact Tracing

A: As noted in prior posts, highly trained dogs have the incredible capacity to successfully detect the odor of people with COVID-19 by sniffing human sweat. Pilot programs using COVID-sniffing dogs to detect infection among potential passengers have already launched in airports in Finland, the United Arab Emirates, and most recently Chile. These pilot projects

I heard there was a large COVID-19 outbreak at an overnight summer school retreat in WI. What happened?!

Infection and Spread Testing and Contact Tracing

A: Retreat organizers relied primarily on a test-based strategy for preventing individuals with COVID-19 from attending the retreat and didn’t employ other measures to prevent transmission of COVID-19 among attendees. This did not work. Consequently, a single attendee who became ill the day after arriving led to 116 other attendees (76% of attendees) becoming a

I can’t help but notice how well Maine is controlling COVID-19. What’s their secret? Rural state? Rich state? Not many older people?

Data and Metrics Infection and Spread Testing and Contact Tracing

A: Nope to those three, but yes to leadership, preparation, testing & tracing, and calm, science-based communication. It’s true: Maine is doing very well by almost all metrics used to track the epidemic. While 21 states had their highest daily case counts in the last 3 weeks, Maine’s single day record cases happened way back