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How do I make an air purifier?

School Staying Safe

A: TL; DR: The Corsi Air Box (sometimes called the Corsi-Rosenthal Cube or a Comparetto Cube) is the hot new trend in DIY air purifiers! See links below for instructions. With the return to in-person school for most US school children and many college students, we need to continue to use many layers of protection

Does hand sanitizer really kill bacteria and viruses?

Staying Safe

A: Yes. Hand sanitizers that contain 60-95% alcohol or 0.13% benzalkonium chlorides are effective in killing bacteria and destroying viruses when used properly. Washing hands with soap and water remains the best way to rid your hands of disease-causing germs. And there are a few germs that hand sanitizer will not kill. However, when there

Risks of Delta and Kids

Families/Kids Staying Safe

We are getting TONS of questions about weighing the risks of Delta and kids. We’ll continue to address specific topics, but wanted to share this thoughtful article on the topic that heavily features our own Nerdy Girl Dr. Lindsey Leininger. As she wisely states, “There are no easy answers, only tough trade-offs in so many

Cómo pensar como un científico.

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Los científicos comparten ciertos hábitos de metales, independientemente de si estudiamos patógenos, personas o plantas. Como escribió el astrónomo legendario Carl Sagan: “La ciencia es una forma de pensar mucho más que un conjunto de conocimientos.” Hoy lanzamos una serie ocasional sobre “Cómo pensar como un científico”, comenzando con tres valores clave que los científicos

Let’s talk about Lyme disease. . .

Health & Wellness Staying Safe

It’s summer. You’re hiking, you’re camping, you’re living your best summer life. So let’s talk about Lyme disease. Lyme disease comes from a bacterial infection transmitted via the bite of certain ticks, most especially the black-legged tick aka the deer tick. It’s very common in North America and Europe’s summer months. Early signs of infection