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As winter approaches and many of us are facing unprecedented levels of COVID-19 in our communities, how can we stay safe AND stay sane over the next few months?

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A: The reality is that despite cooling temperatures outside we all need to be thinking about how to reduce the time we spend indoors with those not in our household. The good news is this won’t last forever and we know what steps to take. Indeed, re-upping the strategies we know work to stop the

How CAN we celebrate Thanksgiving safely?

Staying Safe

Q: Okay, okay! You convinced us. “Normal” Thanksgiving is off this year. But how CAN we celebrate safely? A: Focus on the spirit of the holiday. Stay outdoors. Keep it small. Don’t travel. Get creative. Keep your distance. Yes, unfortunately, the usual Thanksgiving traditions are *a very bad idea* this year for the vast majority

I live in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. It’s looking like our Thanksgiving dinner is going to be just 15 people. What are the chances that someone at the dinner has COVID-19?

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A: As of today, 58%. Maybe rethink your plans? We know many folks in the wonderful Dear Pandemic community are “running the numbers” on their holiday dinners to assess risk and adjust accordingly. To assist your calculations, a team at Georgia Tech led by Dr. Joshua Weitz has developed the COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

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Drs. Malia Jones and Lindsey Leininger tackle your thorny COVID questions in this week’s Facebook Live event! Submit your questions in advance at Today we tackle: ➡️ Happy Saturday greetings (0:00 – 1:59) ➡️ Pfizer vaccine news – yay hope! (2:00 – 6:50) ➡️ What settings seed viral spread? (6:54 – 15:59) ➡️ Pandemic

What are the 14 days of Thanksgiving 2020?

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A: Today marks 14 days until Thanksgiving 2020, a holiday different from years past and Thanksgivings of the future. With community spread rapidly increasing across much of the country, self-quarantine is an essential tool in decreasing transmission of SARS-CoV-2 at holiday gatherings. If you plan to visit with people outside your home for Thanksgiving 2020,