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Is it safe to play on a playground?

Families Socializing Staying Safe

A: YES, playgrounds can be safe with some guidelines. The risk of transmission on an outdoor playground is low (but not zero). The greatest risk of infection comes from the people on the playground, not the equipment. Skip the snack, pack some hand sanitizer, and stay SMART. SPREAD OUT. Keep space between your crew and

Reframing Christmas 2020

Families Socializing Staying Safe Videos

On this Christmas Eve Eve, we offer up a clip from our weekend Q&A from Dr. Emily Smith, Epidemiologist at Baylor University & your Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist. Dr. Smith is also the spouse of a Christian minister and offers a faith perspective on this COVID-19 Christmas Eve. Some highlights: 🎄Christmas is not cancelled, we need

¿Cuál ha sido el impacto de COVID-19 en los trabajadores de la salud? ¿Qué puedo hacer para ayudar?

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R: Las personas que trabajan en el sector de salud están en alto riesgo de contraer COVID-19 en el trabajo y también están bajo tremendo estrés por las demandas de enfrentar la pandemia. En los EE.UU., más de 173,000 trabajadores de la salud han contraído COVID-19 y al menos 742 han muerto. Nuestros médicos, enfermeros/enfermeras,

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

Families Socializing Staying Safe Vaccines Videos

Today on the Live Q&A, we welcome Dr. Emily Smith of sister COVID info page, Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist! We’ll be doing a bit of a Christmas theme today–don’t miss it! ➡️ Welcome to Dr. Emily Smith! (0:00 – 8:25) Related link ➡️ Safe Advent & Xmas celebrations (8:50 – 14:47) Related link ➡️ Public health