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Guía actualizada sobre el aislamiento de parte de los CDC

Infection and Spread Posts en Español Staying Safe

La única certeza en esta pandemia es el CAMBIO…..Y en la ciencia, cambiar la evidencia significa que aprendemos más sobre lo que estamos estudiando. Y eso significa que nos actualizamos en base a nuevos conocimientos. Puntos importantes a RECORDAR: 🙋🏽 El aislamiento significa mantenerse totalmente alejado de otras personas. El objetivo: mantenerlo alejado de las

If everyone is going to get Omicron, what’s the point in avoiding it?

Infection and Spread Staying Safe

Can’t we just go back to normal now?! A: Not yet. Slowing the spread is still important. TL;DR: Delaying infections buys time for improved treatments, more vaccinations, and protects health care availability for all. We hear your frustrations. Tensions are high as Omicron screamed through our social networks and ruined a lot of holidays. We’ve

The CDC’s Updated Guidance on Isolation

Infection and Spread Staying Safe Testing and Contact Tracing

The one certainty in this pandemic is CHANGE….. And in science, changing evidence means that we learn more about what we are studying. And that means that we update based on new knowledge. This is sort of, kind of, what happened this week. See Dr. Lindsey’s earlier post on this…..and the WHY….https://tinyurl.com/d9tyjs5s Before diving in,