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Social and Racial Justice

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What is trust? Does trust impact the US COVID-19 vaccine response effort?

Social and Racial Justice Uncertainty and Misinformation Vaccines

A: Trust in our health system is influenced by our beliefs about its benefits and consequences to ourselves and others. Low trust can derail the best of public health and medical treatments. Trust in the US health system is complicated by experiences and historical events that non-majority communities. People need time, reliable information, and repeated

What do we know about racial/ethnic differences in COVID-19 mortality and the reasons for this?

Data and Metrics Social and Racial Justice

A. Recent data across U.S. states show that Black Americans and other people of color experience much higher mortality from COVID-19 than whites. Studies also point to structural barriers, and not biological susceptibility, that contribute to worse disease progression and higher mortality in these groups of Americans. We’ve previously posted on the U.S. death toll

How is the homeless/transient population doing during this pandemic?

Social and Racial Justice

In the United States, hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing homelessness each night. There are many reasons why people might be experiencing homelessness: some people are chronically homeless, some were recently evicted or lost their housing, some are leaving a violent situation, and some are staying with friends or family temporarily but might not

Tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Dear Ruth Bader Ginsburg, You inspired us. You led through persistence and action. You paved the way for many women to achieve their dreams. You will be terribly missed and forever a guiding light. Love, Those Nerdy Girls 12 Powerful Quotes from RBG – Town and Country RBG Obit – The Guardian Link to original

What’s happening in refugee camps?

Infection and Spread Social and Racial Justice

Introducing Nerdy Guest Dr. Paula Tavrow, who joins us to talk to us about what’s happening with COVID-19 in refugee camps. Dr. Tavrow is an adjunct professor of Community Health Sciences at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health. She has been working on African public health issues since 1984. *** A: I can speak to