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What is mifepristone, and why is it in the news right now?

Reproductive Health

A: Mifepristone is a synthetic hormone (made outside the body) that blocks progesterone and cortisol. Progesterone and cortisol are two hormones that the body makes. Progesterone is a hormone that helps in many normal processes, including keeping the uterus from contracting during early pregnancy. As a progesterone blocker, mifepristone leads to uterine contractions and is Read more…

Hot flashes and mood swings in perimenopause! Make ‘em go away!

Reproductive Health

Ugh! We are right there with you! Perimenopause (the time before, during, and right after menopause) is a normal and expected process for ~50% of the human population. Nevertheless.The.Symptoms.Can.Stink. 🔥Studies show between 50-85% of us experience hot flashes during the late menopausal transition and early postmenopause. For most of us, these are mild to moderate. Read more…

Re-introducing the Reproductive Health Squad!

Reproductive Health

Those Nerdy Girls are thrilled to re-introduce our Reproductive Health Squad, a group of contributing writers with expertise in all things reproductive health. This includes birth control, pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, sexual health, lactation, and abortion, among other topics. Don’t forget to submit your questions! Submit questions to our question box here! Link to original Those Read more…

We Need to Move the Needle on Black Reproductive Health. Like, Yesterday.

Reproductive Health Social and Racial Justice

“Can’t wait to write a tell all about my experience during my last two trimesters dealing with incompetent doctors at Montefiore [Hospital].” On April 17, 2020, Amber Rose Isaac logged into her Twitter account and aired her grievances for the last time. Just four days later, she died of childbirth complications from a severely delayed Read more…

Happy National Condom Week!

Reproductive Health

“Wait, that’s a thing?” Yes, National Condom Week is celebrated every year from February 14-February 21. “Why, for goodness’ sake, do we need to celebrate this?” Well, condoms help prevent the spreading of sexually transmitted infections, and sadly in the US, many sexually transmitted infections are on the rise. So to honor National Condom Week Read more…

Isn’t boy vs. girl just a simple matter of different sex chromosomes (XX vs. XY) and body parts?

Reproductive Health

A: Actually, humans come in a variety of X and Y chromosome combinations (not just XX and XY) and body parts (i.e., anatomy). TL; DR: Most people that have XX chromosomes develop what is considered “typical” female anatomy and most that have XY chromosomes develop “typical” male anatomy. But not always. Other sex chromosome combinations Read more…