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Has there been a recent increase in the number of people who identify as transgender in the U.S.?

Reproductive Health

A: The number of people estimated to be transgender in the U.S. has increased slightly over the past ~5-6 years, particularly among those aged 13-24 years. TL; DR: There has been an increase in the number of teens and young adults estimated to be transgender in the U.S. There may be several reasons for this, Read more…

What is preeclampsia? Who is most at risk? What should we be aware of?

Reproductive Health

Preeclampsia and other severe pregnancy complications, especially among Black people, have thankfully been getting more attention in the media in the last couple of weeks. These individual stories are so important because they humanize what can sometimes become numbing statistics. And they are highlighting some of the significant health disparities in the U.S. that Black Read more…

Doulas: Who are they?

Reproductive Health

Happy Pride Month, Nerds! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️⚧ Each day, we find ourselves on the receiving end of rhetoric that minimizes and even directly threatens the joy, safety, lives, and livelihoods of LGBTQIA+ folks. This, combined with the ongoing challenges to reproductive health rights, means that we could all use any emotional support we can come across. And Read more…

What’s the latest on the new RSV vaccine for pregnant people?

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A: Pfizer’s clinical trial of a new RSV vaccine in pregnancy showed high vaccine efficacy against severe disease in infants. The FDA advisory committee discussed an observed difference in premature births in the placebo vs. vaccine group, but concluded that the difference was likely due to chance rather than from the vaccine itself. TL;DR: The Read more…

I heard that “the pill” might become illegal? Is it all birth control pills?

Reproductive Health

There are lots of different types of “pills” related to pregnancy. It’s most helpful to break them into two categories: Contraceptives PREVENT someone from becoming pregnant. Other types of pills are used when there is ALREADY an established pregnancy. It’s mifepristone, from this second group, whose FDA approval is currently being contested in the U.S. Read more…

Are screening tests and diagnostic tests the same thing?

Reproductive Health Uncertainty and Misinformation

The Short Answer: Nope! 🙅🏾‍♀️ The goal of a screening test is to determine the likelihood of disease in a person who currently shows no signs or symptoms, while a diagnostic test detects whether (and what type of) disease might be present in someone with symptoms. While some screening tests can be self-administered at home Read more…

Nerdy Girls Live 04/28/23

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Those Nerdy Girls offer up straight talk about sex, gender, chocolate and Mifepristone, plus an update on COVID-19 boosters. Hosted by: – Mary-Kathleen Haber, FNP-C, MSN, IBCLC, TNG Contributing Member, Reproductive Squad – Chana Davis, PhD: TNG Contributing Writer & Founder of Fueled by Science ➡️ Hello and Introductions (00:00-01:10) ➡️ What are the latest Read more…