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What activities can we do safely and which are better to avoid this summer?

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A: With some modifications, there are opportunities to have some fun this summer. Promise. Risk happens on a continuum with all events outside your home carrying some level of risk. Some activities carry higher risks than others. It’s best to choose lower risk activities to limit transmission of the virus within your community and beyond.

Our neighborhood pool plans to reopen in a couple of weeks when our state eases lockdowns. Is the pool a risky place for COVID-19 transmission?

Families Infection and Spread Reopening Staying Safe

A: You’re unlikely to get COVID-19 *from* the pool, but you could certainly be exposed *at* the pool. To clarify: Pool water is heavily chlorinated, and COVID-19 is not waterborne in any case. So, being immersed in the pool or otherwise exposed to pool water is not risky in and of itself. The problem, of

What else do I need to know about my risks as my state reopens?

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A: The nerdy girls have answered several questions about this topic recently, but we love another amazing smart lady’s interpretation (#DrLeanaWen), detailed here with a few more pearls. 1-Relative risk: For COVID-19, this is determined by type of activity, duration of activity, and how close you are to other people (see our previous posts). The

What’s brought you hope this week?

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A: Food trucks! Pittsburgh Magazine’s recent article showcases scrappy food truck owners working hard to re-open *safely.* It’s a joy to see the amazing work ethic and bright minds of these small business owners innovating evidence-based ways forward. What’s in their secret sauce? (Please pardon the pun). Three key themes: (1) METRICS: The food truck

My state is re-opening. Yay! Also, yikes! Are we…ready??


A: Short answer: Probably not. Longer answer: The White House published “gating criteria” in their Reopening America Again guidelines. These are data-driven criteria that each state or region should satisfy before reopening. They include things like having a 14-day downward trajectory or new cases, hospital capacity to treat all patients without crisis, and a “robust”

I keep hearing about a move towards a “harm reduction” phase of the pandemic response, what does this mean?

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A: As defined in the article below, “harm reduction refers to policies and practices designed to minimize negative health, social and legal impacts of a particular activity.” An example of public health efforts aimed at harm reduction are needle exchange programs where individuals using injected drugs can exchange used needles for clean ones as a

My state is starting to re-open, but it isn’t clear when or if childcare or camps will be available in my area–what will we do with the kids all summer?!?

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A: As states move away from stay at home orders and change recommendations to permit gatherings of slightly larger groups, one option for addressing childcare needs may be for two families (i.e., households) to join together to form a slightly bigger “bubble”. Under this approach, two households combine exclusively (i.e., minimize all other outside contacts).