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What’s the importance of ventilation in preventing SARS-CoV-2?

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Q: How can I best manage the ventilation in my own office/school/home? A: Scientists are calling for more attention to VENTILATION in prevention of SARS-CoV-2 transmission. You can help manage risk by opening doors and windows where possible, increasing outside airflow and filtration in HVAC systems, using portable HEPA air filters, and wearing masks indoors.

Ugh, what’s the deal with this new study from South Korea about kids transmitting COVID-19?

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Does this mean going back to school is more dangerous than we thought? A: As you’ve noticed by now, headlines are often more sensational than the underlying facts. This is a large, solidly conducted study but doesn’t move the needle on what we already know: younger children seem less likely to contract and spread SARS-CoV-2,

With so much talk about schools and reopening, what factors are important to consider when weighing risks/benefits of doing so?

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As nerdy girls, parents, and educators, we want so much to have clarity around school reopening. But, we just don’t yet know everything we need to know (and may not in 6 weeks!). So our best offering to you, our dear followers, is to share our ideas about how to assess the issue. We hope

Will temperature checks actually work? What else can schools and businesses do to quickly scan for potentially infectious people?

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A: There’s reason to be skeptical about temperature checks. COVID-19 is infectious for several days before symptoms appear. Scanning folks as they enter a building for a fever won’t do much to prevent people who are pre-symptomatic from entering and spewing infectious droplets all over the place. Gross. At this point, we need to embrace