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¿Es cierto que Suecia ha logrado la inmunidad de rebaño sin confinamientos? ¿Deberíamos hacer lo que ha hecho Suecia?

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R. No, Suecia no ha alcanzado la inmunidad de rebaño, ni les ha ido bien económicamente o con respecto a la mortalidad por COVID-19. Al mismo tiempo, los suecos cambiaron el comportamiento voluntariamente más de lo que se asume. Aunque ha habido fascinación por Suecia durante esta pandemia, existen muchos conceptos erróneos sobre su experiencia

What’s the update with COVID-19-sniffing dogs?

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A. The Helsinki-Vantaa airport welcomed COVID-19-sniffing dogs to their staff last week, hoping to use their keen sense of smell to detect COVID-19 positive patients up to 5 days before symptoms appear. Dubai International Airport also has a team of dogs sniffing for COVID-19. Here’s how the airport testing works: Prospective passengers rub a wipe

Can children spread COVID-19 in child care facilities (children 5 and under)?

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From our follower Question Box!! A: Yes, while we know that children are less likely to experience severe illness due to COVID-19, increasing evidence tells us that children can spread (transmit) the virus. But, it is not clear if they are more likely to do so than adults or if likelihood of transmission varies by

What should I be considering when it comes to deciding on participation in team sports for my kids this Fall?

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A: Great question from a follower! We recommend keeping in mind three main things when considering the safety of a team sport: Space, Sharing and Stability! Space -To what extent is physical closeness a requirement of team play? -Can players socially distance when not in the field of play? -Can spectators socially distance? -Can team

What safety precautions for clothing, supplies, and shoes can I take if I am sending my children back to school?

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A: While there are no stringent guidelines, we know that we should wash everything frequently with soap and water. Continue to follow SMART guidelines. And make it a routine and it will be easier to remember. Here are some guidelines for children returning to school in descending order of importance: 1) Reinforce hand washing. Pack

Should I send my child to daycare*?

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A: The data are not yet conclusive, but there are several considerations to keep in mind to help guide this individual decision. 1) Low level of community transmission matters. This can influence the likelihood of cases arising in the daycare center. We cannot emphasize this point enough. Many have asked what metrics to use. Most

Young Adults, Mental Health, and College

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Nerdy Guest Amani Martorella chats with Malia about young adults, mental health, and college. Amani Martorella, MSSW, is the Senior Clinical Social Worker at the Johns Hopkins University’s student counseling center, and the senior staff advisor for A Place To Talk, a campus peer mental health support group. She talks about how college students have

My kid is returning to college, living off campus with a friend “pod” and attending classes (mostly remotely).

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Q: What advice can I give about being responsible and safe? I know they are eager for normal college social life, but I am really worried abut COVID risk. A: Suggest that the pod makes a PACT: Protection, Accountability, Commitment, Trust. Protection/Prevention: The group can determine together the specific prevention measures and behaviors they will

Do you have any tips on a safe return to the office?

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A: Three key priorities: (1) Building + workspace safety; (2) Personal safety; (3) Open and honest communication Per the Dear Pandemic Q&A round-up, many in our community are curious to learn more about best practices for returning to the office. In our related external advisory work, Your Nerdy Girls have encouraged employers and employees to