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Has the COVID pandemic helped increase animal adoptions?

Families/Kids Reopening

A: TL;DR. Yes, initially, pet adoptions increased substantially. However, as many people are returning to their regularly scheduled routines of in-person school and office, there’s been an increase in the return of recently rescued pets. While some folks are regularly checking the charts for daily new COVID-19 cases and deaths, employees at animal shelters have

Pensé que Perú fue uno de los primeros países en entrar en cuarentena. ¿Cuál es la situación allí ahora?

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R: Perú tiene una de las tasas de mortalidad más altas del mundo y más de 47,000 personas en Perú han muerto por COVID-19 según estadísticas hasta marzo del 2021, con un exceso de muertes de casi 2,600 por millón (de una población de 32 millones). ¿Cómo pasó esto? En resumen: Poder controlar COVID-19 requiere

It’s feeling like a particularly strange and confusing stage of the pandemic?! Yikes!

Mental Health Reopening Uncertainty and Misinformation

A: Indeed. Welcome to the #pandexit. Pandexit (n.) The final phase of a pandemic. The messy, halting, confusing labyrinth we must navigate to get from where we are to our new normal. Nerdy Girls Dr. Malia Jones and Dr. Christine Whelan, who are also colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, teamed up to define and

¿Es cierto que Suecia ha logrado la inmunidad de rebaño sin confinamientos? ¿Deberíamos hacer lo que ha hecho Suecia?

Posts en Español Reopening Uncertainty and Misinformation

R. No, Suecia no ha alcanzado la inmunidad de rebaño, ni les ha ido bien económicamente o con respecto a la mortalidad por COVID-19. Al mismo tiempo, los suecos cambiaron el comportamiento voluntariamente más de lo que se asume. Aunque ha habido fascinación por Suecia durante esta pandemia, existen muchos conceptos erróneos sobre su experiencia

Can children spread COVID-19 in child care facilities (children 5 and under)?

Families/Kids Infection and Spread Reopening School Staying Safe Testing and Contact Tracing

From our follower Question Box!! A: Yes, while we know that children are less likely to experience severe illness due to COVID-19, increasing evidence tells us that children can spread (transmit) the virus. But, it is not clear if they are more likely to do so than adults or if likelihood of transmission varies by

What should I be considering when it comes to deciding on participation in team sports for my kids this Fall?

Families/Kids Reopening School Staying Safe

A: Great question from a follower! We recommend keeping in mind three main things when considering the safety of a team sport: Space, Sharing and Stability! Space -To what extent is physical closeness a requirement of team play? -Can players socially distance when not in the field of play? -Can spectators socially distance? -Can team