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What is brain fog anyways?

Long COVID Mental Health

TL; DR: Brain fog is a general term used to describe many issues including poor attention, memory, and planning abilities. This can happen after an infection or injury. We are learning more about what causes it, but there do seem to be changes in the immune system and the way the cells work as a

📣Have you heard about 988?

Mental Health

⬇️Here is a little information about what it is and how it can help. 988 is the new three digit number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (988 was signed into law in 2020). People can call or text 988 or chat at 988lifeline.org/chat. 🪂 If you are in the U.S. (or five major U.S.

Y a todo esto, ¿qué es la depresión?

Mental Health Posts en Español

💧 La depresión clínica es una enfermedad influenciada por la genética 🧬, el estrés y el 🏡entorno que nos rodea, así como por factores biológicos, sociales y psicológicos. No existe una causa única para la depresión. La depresión puede afectar a cualquier persona, independientemente de su edad o condición social. Algunas personas son más propensas

Do I have OCD?

Mental Health

Help! The pandemic has me worrying about germs 🧫…do I have OCD? 🤔 Not necessarily. OCD can include worries about germs, but can be a LOT more than that. Let’s talk a little bit more about OCD to understand why. OCD is a chronic mental health condition with typical symptoms including frequent and unwanted thoughts