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Las muertes por COVID siguen aumentando en el mundo, pero ¿por qué parece que nos hemos vuelto insensibles a esto?

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R: Algo llamado “fatiga de compasión” puede estar contribuyendo a esto- a medida que la tragedia por la pandemia del COVID-19 crece, especialmente en países fuera de EE.UU. como en latinoamérica, nos resulta más difícil procesar pérdidas tan enormes. La fatiga de compasión suele ser experimentada por el público en general como un sentimiento de

How do I continue relationships with friends and family members with very different views on vaccines, masks, politics and life post COVID?

Mental Health

A: If you love them and want to continue to be in relationship with them, focus on the common ground instead of the areas where you disagree. From masks to vaccines, from coverups to conspiracy theories and beyond, global news (and all the politics that come with it) dominated personal conversation in the last year.

Help! Am I languishing?

Mental Health

Do not fear….Dr. Aparna Kumar, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, here to talk about this! 😿 What is languishing? It is living but having little joy, purpose, or aim. It is going through the motions of daily life but not feeling good about it and maybe even not being able to take the next steps.

It’s feeling like a particularly strange and confusing stage of the pandemic?! Yikes!

Mental Health Reopening Uncertainty and Misinformation

A: Indeed. Welcome to the #pandexit. Pandexit (n.) The final phase of a pandemic. The messy, halting, confusing labyrinth we must navigate to get from where we are to our new normal. Nerdy Girls Dr. Malia Jones and Dr. Christine Whelan, who are also colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, teamed up to define and