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I have been drinking a bit more since this pandemic started.

Mental Health

Q: I have been drinking a bit more since this pandemic started. Many of my friends have too. I am having a harder time not drinking every day. What should I do? A: The first step is recognizing that you may have a drinking problem. Then: 1) Seek social connections. 2) Prioritize healthy coping mechanisms.

Sunday Funnies!

Mental Health

Your daily dose of laughter can help decrease stress, relax your body, and increase endorphins (happy chemicals!). We hope you enjoy this little dose of Sunday laughter. If it helps, why not schedule some time for laughter every day (a favorite show, podcast, cartoons, laughs with friends, or even laughter yoga)? Share your favorite daily

Is it safe to give or receive hugs?

Mental Health Staying Safe

Q: Ekay from San Jose asks if it is safe to give or receive hugs? A: Hugs bring many psychological benefits AND can be done with relatively low risk. As you might guess, pandemic precautions still apply. If you plan on dishing out hugs, your SMART toolkit will help maximize the benefits which include happy

Are you concerned about your kids spending too much time on screens?

Families Mental Health School

Dear Pandemic is thrilled to introduce this week’s Nerdy Guest, Dr. Pamela Hurst-Della Pietra. She is President and founder of Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development. Using her medical degree, non-profit experience, philanthropic resources, and a long-standing interest in media and children, Dr. Hurst-Della Pietra has become one of the field’s

Yikes! I just cracked a tooth!! Can I blame the pandemic?

Mental Health Staying Safe

A: Yes! Dentists are seeing an uptick in cracked and damaged teeth that might very well be pandemic-related. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about! In a recent New York Times article, Dr. Tammy Chen, a Manhattan prosthodontist, explained how COVID-19 might lead to dental fractures. (Info here is excerpted and adapted from