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A happier, healthier 2021 sounds great… but how do I make it happen?

Mental Health

Q: A happier, healthier 2021 sounds great… but how do I make it happen? I’m not really feeling up for New Year’s Resolutions this year. A: Get yourself ship-shape for 2021 with an anchors, sails and rudders exercise that honors the lessons we’ve learned in 2020 while also prioritizing forward movement for 2021. Psychologists (and

Can I delete 2020 and start fresh with my 2021 resolutions?

Mental Health

A: We wish it could be that simple! Instead of a delete, let’s think of it as a refresh and reboot. As we approach 2021, it is important to reflect, readjust expectations, and reset goals. 📔 REFLECT: Consider why you are making these goals and why they matter to you. For many of us, 2020

Me siento ansioso… y aburrido al mismo tiempo. ¿Esto es normal? ¿Hay una solución?

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R: Bienvenido al sentimiento paradójico de la “acedia”, una antigua palabra que se utiliza para describir ese sentimiento de inquietud apática. Buenas noticias: existen maneras de combatir esto basadas en evidencia científica. Historia: Los primeros monjes cristianos llamaban la acedia el “demonio del mediodía” – los sentimientos duros que se sienten cuando uno está solo,

How can I help someone who is struggling with mental wellness?

Mental Health

A: Focus on the basics, discuss mental wellness openly, and offer support where needed. 1-Focus on supporting the basics. We can all support our mental health by focusing on the basic pillars of wellness. 💤 Encourage 7-8 hours of sleep a day 🥕 Promote 3 meals a day with a few healthy snacks 🚰 Remind

¿Qué puedo hacer con mi propia ansiedad cuando parece que todos están ansiosos en este momento?

Mental Health Posts en Español

R: Enfóquese en lo que puede controlar y continúe desde allí. Tiene razón de sentirse ansioso en este momento. Una encuesta reciente de la Asociación Americana de Psiquiatría (American Psychiatric Association, APA) sugiere que casi 2 de cada 3 participantes reportaron más ansiedad este año que en la misma época del año pasado. Los expertos

How can I navigate mourning the death of loved ones during Covid-19?

Infection and Spread Mental Health

A: This is hard. We celebrate life and grieve loss with our Dear Pandemic community. Traditional grieving practices such as funerals require additional considerations during the present pandemic to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 while also supporting normal grief following a death. The combination of tragic circumstances, social isolation, and in some cases multiple losses