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Fighting Pandemic Loneliness

Mental Health

Loneliness is not just about being alone. It is about feeling isolated, disconnected, and even losing meaning in our daily life. It is an internal and subjective experience. And unsurprisingly, a lot of us are experiencing it right now, especially young people. Some surveys suggest that up to half of us are feeling lonely across

Can the framing of a message change how I process that information?

Mental Health

A: YES! Thought pathways and subsequent actions are often influenced by the way information is received. This post will highlight a few common cognitive distortions AND tips for reframing information for more objective actions. A cognitive distortion is defined by the American Psychological Association as “faulty or inaccurate thinking, perception, or belief”. Cognitive distortions interrupt

¡Ayuda! ¿Estoy languideciendo?

Mental Health Posts en Español

R. No tema… la Dra. Aparna Kumar, especialista en salud mental, ¡está aquí para hablar sobre esta condición! 😢 ¿Qué es la languidez? Languidecer es vivir pero tener poca alegría, propósito o objetivo. Es pasar por los movimientos de la vida diaria, pero no sentirse bien al respecto. También puede resultar difícil dar los siguientes