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Tips for (Properly!) Washing a Cloth Mask


With many of us having trouble accessing or affording medical-grade masks, cloth masking remains a bedrock layer of protection for pandemic living. Dr. Cassandra Pierre, an infectious disease physician at Boston Medical Center, cautions that “a dirty or ‘soiled’ mask can reduce the efficacy of the mask itself. It can also become an irritant to

What are the best masks for kids?

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We know this is a HOT topic among parents sending their kids back to school right now, and we wanted to share some recommendations from aerosol scientist and Nerdy Girl favorite Dr. Linsey Marr and her colleague Dr. Aaron Prussin from Virginia Tech. We are posting their advice below: “The most important factors to consider

Will my kids get any protection if they wear a mask, but most other kids are not wearing one?

Families/Kids Masks

A: Yes. A well-fitted mask can provide good protection for the wearer (though two-sided masking remains most effective). We know that plans to drop mask mandates in many schools have many parents of unvaccinated children on edge, especially with the rise of the more transmissible Delta variant. While we encourage parents to communicate concerns they

What do the new CDC mask guidelines really mean?


A: The take-home message is that mitigation works. What we have learned from four influenza pandemics, HIV, and SARS pandemics in the last 100 years is that taking steps to protect ourselves and others works. The CDC guidelines released earlier suggest that vaccinated people in virus hotspots across the country should wear masks indoors. This



In recognition of the rising threat posed by the Delta variant, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today revised their guidance regarding mask use for vaccinated people. ➡️ Highlights of the new recommendations: 💥 Vaccinated people should wear a mask in public indoor settings if they are in an area of substantial

Confused about when to mask up?

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Confused about when to #MaskUp these days? We like this infographic from NPR‘s Goats & Soda highlighting several situations when you might want to continue mask-wearing if vaccinated, including…IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT! h/t Impact. Link to Goats and Soda Article Credit: Malaka Gharib/NPR Link to Original FB Post

¿Cómo ayuda la mascarilla?

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P: Las partículas de coronavirus son tan pequeñas. ¿Cómo ayuda mi mascarilla? R: Presentamos aquí la versión “Mantenlo simple, científico” del tamaño de partícula relativo, ya que el tamaño en este contexto sí importa. Muchas infecciones como COVID-19, la gripe común y la influenza se propagan de persona a persona por gotas respiratorias, por lo