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Infection and Spread

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How can I minimize COVID-19 transmission when riding a car?

Infection and Spread

A: Open up those windows, mask up, and keep the duration short. Physicists from UMass Amherst recently used simulations of airflow patterns within car interiors to study the best way to minimize transmission risk during ride-share style car rides. The car geometry was based on a Toyota Prius traveling 50 mph. Key results: ➡️ Opening

How can I navigate mourning the death of loved ones during Covid-19?

Infection and Spread Mental Health

A: This is hard. We celebrate life and grieve loss with our Dear Pandemic community. Traditional grieving practices such as funerals require additional considerations during the present pandemic to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 while also supporting normal grief following a death. The combination of tragic circumstances, social isolation, and in some cases multiple losses

How is it possible that my friends are social distancing and yet have colds??

Infection and Spread Uncertainty and Misinformation

A: The interventions we use to reduce COVID-19 transmission–such as wearing masks, improving ventilation, and keeping physical distance from other people–don’t target the common cold as well. Unlike the virus that causes COVID-19, which is transmitted through sharing air with infected people, most of the many viruses that cause the common cold–called rhinoviruses–love to hang