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Do vaccines reduce the transmission of COVID-19?

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See the answer in this video by Dr. Chana Davis from Fueled by Science . DP Links: Do the COVID-19 vaccines reduce transmission? References: Outbreak Associated with SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617.2 (Delta) Variant in an Elementary School — Marin County, California, May–June 2021 Pfizer Vaccine Efficacy (Ages 5-11). Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee October 26,

If I have been potentially exposed to COVID-19, should I sleep in a different room from my spouse?

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A: When bed partners have varying degrees of risk exposure and vulnerability to the disease, it’s worth discussing sleeping in separate spaces. The Nerdy Girls call this COVID Bed Spread. Here are some benefits to sleeping apart from other household members: 1.) REDUCED RISK OF VIRAL EXPOSURE (in both directions). Spending six or more hours

How can I inquire about indoor air quality at my workplace and my child’s school?

Infection and Spread

A: Two priorities: ventilation and filtration. See six key diligence questions below. First, two definitions for those who might want a “refresher” (ha ha…pun intended ;)) ➡️ VENTILATION – the provision of *fresh air* to indoor spaces; and ➡️ FILTRATION – the removal of disease-causing particles from indoor air Now onto the six key questions…..

Explicación del brote de Coronavirus en el aula de California.

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Una investigación reciente de los CDC de un brote en California encontró que un maestro no vacunado infectó a doce estudiantes de escuela primaria de una clase de 24 estudiantes. Todos los estudiantes eran demasiado jóvenes para ser elegibles para la vacuna. Conclusiones claves: ➡️ VACUNARSE ➡️ ¡MANTENGA SU MÁSCARILLA MIENTRAS HABLA! ➡️ QUEDARSE EN

¿Son las personas vacunadas infectadas con Delta *realmente* tan contagiosas como las no vacunadas?

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Probablemente no. Y cuando se toma en cuenta la posibilidad de infectarse en primer lugar, las personas vacunadas tienen muchas menos probabilidades de transmitir el virus. 💥 A grandes rasgos: Es probable que las personas vacunadas *puedan* transmitir el virus, pero este riesgo NO es el mismo que las personas no vacunadas. Entre las crecientes

California Classroom Outbreak Explained

Infection and Spread School

A recent CDC outbreak investigation found that an unvaccinated teacher infected twelve elementary school students out of a class of 24 students in California. All students were too young to be eligible for the vaccine. Key take-aways: ➡️ GET VACCINATED ➡️ KEEP YOUR MASK ON WHILE TALKING!! ➡️ STAY HOME WHEN SICK ➡️ GET VACCINATED