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Infection and Spread

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California Classroom Outbreak Explained

Infection and Spread School

A recent CDC outbreak investigation found that an unvaccinated teacher infected twelve elementary school students out of a class of 24 students in California. All students were too young to be eligible for the vaccine. Key take-aways: ➡️ GET VACCINATED ➡️ KEEP YOUR MASK ON WHILE TALKING!! ➡️ STAY HOME WHEN SICK ➡️ GET VACCINATED

Can I get COVID-19 through blood transfusion?

Infection and Spread

A: Many viruses can be transmitted by blood transfusion. However there are no reported cases of people getting COVID-19 by blood transfusion so far. Let’s look at the details. In 1628, British physician William Harvey reported the first description of blood circulation in Western medical literature. Soon after, transfusions were attempted. However, it was not