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If I have been potentially exposed to COVID-19, should I sleep in a different room from my spouse?

Health & Wellness Infection and Spread

A: When bed partners have varying degrees of risk exposure and vulnerability to the disease, it’s worth discussing sleeping in separate spaces. The Nerdy Girls call this COVID Bed Spread. Here are some benefits to sleeping apart from other household members: 1.) REDUCED RISK OF VIRAL EXPOSURE (in both directions). Spending six or more hours

Can sleep boost my immune function?

Biology/Immunity Health & Wellness

A: Today we focus on the importance of sleep health as an evidence-based strategy for improving your immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic. ** Long-term sleep deficiency is associated with a range of co-morbidities (type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia) that put you at higher susceptibility and more severe outcomes of COVID-19. You can reduce

¿Qué es el agotamiento?

Health & Wellness Posts en Español

La Clínica Mayo (Mayo Clinic) dice “el agotamiento es un estado de fatiga física o emocional que también implica una sensación de reducción de logros y pérdida de identidad personal.” Los síntomas incluyen cinismo, dificultad para empezar, impaciencia, falta de productividad, dificultad para concentrarse y falta de satisfacción con los logros. El agotamiento también puede

You’ve got to be kidding me: Monkeypox?!

Health & Wellness

Yes, it’s true: CDC has confirmed a case of the rare tropical disease known as monkeypox in a Dallas, TX resident who recently returned from travel in Nigeria. Here’s what you need to know about monkeypox. First of all, unless you spend time in central or western Africa, you’re probably not going to get it.

Is the HPV vaccine safe?

Families/Kids Health & Wellness Vaccines

A: Yes! HPV vaccines have been shown to be very safe and effective! Though side effects can occur, they are typically mild and don’t cause any lasting problems. HPV vaccination reduces the risk of HPV infection, genital warts, cervical pre-cancers, and even cervical cancer! Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a super common virus that is the

Update on RSV Infections

Families/Kids Health & Wellness

RSV (respiratory syncytial virus infection) is one of the dozens of viruses that can cause “the common cold.” But it’s one to watch out for: it’s highly contagious and unlike some of the other common cold causes, RSV can turn dangerous. Preemies, infants, young children; people with immune, lung, or heart disease; and older adults

Let’s talk about Lyme disease. . .

Health & Wellness Staying Safe

It’s summer. You’re hiking, you’re camping, you’re living your best summer life. So let’s talk about Lyme disease. Lyme disease comes from a bacterial infection transmitted via the bite of certain ticks, most especially the black-legged tick aka the deer tick. It’s very common in North America and Europe’s summer months. Early signs of infection