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What’s the latest on the vaccine timeline for kids?

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A: Best-case scenario: late summer/fall 2021 for older kids (12+); early 2022 for younger kids. All the usual pandemic-era caveats about uncertain timelines apply! We dedicate today’s TGIF post to all of the children and teens volunteering for vaccine clinical trials. Hooray and thank you! And thank you to all of the (adult) scientists who

Any update on safety of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in pregnancy?

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A: Preliminary data presented to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) are reassuring. Pregnant persons who received the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines did not have increased risk of side effects from the vaccines or bad outcomes (like preeclampsia, miscarriage, preterm birth, neonatal death, or congenital anomalies). More studies and safety monitoring are ongoing, but

Has there been a COVID-19 baby boom?

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A: No. So far being cooped up at home has NOT led to more babies. Nerdy Guest Dr. Alison Gemmill answered a few questions about fertility during COVID. Dr. Gemmill (Assistant Professor; Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health; Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) is a demographer who studies fertility and women’s and

What are the rules for family get-togethers with vaccinated adults and unvaccinated kids?

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A: We offer a few guiding principles. Severe complications of COVID-19 infection are significantly decreased among the vaccinated but infection risk is not zero. Unvaccinated people remain at risk of infection +/- complications. Determine what is important. Maintain as many risk mitigation strategies as realistic. This is not over yet. ☠️ Vaccination greatly decreases the

Baby Sleep Day

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The Nerdy Girls over at Dear Pandemic are thrilled to participate in Baby Sleep Day (Visit Pediatric Sleep Council for live Q&A all day or Baby Sleep Day for the schedule of experts). Healthy sleep during a pandemic can be tough – especially for parents who spend a lot of energy balancing their family and

When do we expect pediatric vaccines to be available?

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A: Best case estimate for availability of vaccines is still Fall 2021 for older kids (aged 12+ years) and late 2021 to early 2022 for younger kids (aged < 12 years). So far Pfizer and Moderna have started trials in kids (Pfizer trial including kids aged 12-15 years was fully enrolled in January and the

¿Cuándo pueden los adultos mayores completamente vacunados volver a ver a familiares y amigos?

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R: El estatus de “Vacunación Completa” (2 dosis + 1-2 semanas) ofrece una capa adicional de protección, pero no es una solución milagrosa. Las vacunas existentes de COVID-19 reducen drásticamente el riesgo de infección severa y de muerte. Aún no está claro en qué medida las vacunas reducen la infección o transmisión asintomática. Las estrategias

What can I do to support a caregiver?

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A: Caregivers need a back-up plan, a much deserved recharge, and financial support. Caregiving during the COVID-19 pandemic has been further strained by disrupted child care, social isolation, unemployment, and a contagious and debilitating virus. If the caregivers fall, so does everything else. Caregivers come in many forms and are the backbone of daily life

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

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In this live Q&A, Dear Pandemic contributing scientists Drs. Ashley Ritter and Malia Jones will be taking questions about pantyhose, vaccine safety, herd immunity, & keeping kids safer. If you have a question, put it in our question box at www.dearpandemic.org. ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and Announcements (0:00-2:03) ➡️ Should we be wearing nylon pantyhose over