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¿Cuáles son algunas cosas prácticas que puedo hacer para protegerme a mí mismo, a mi familia y amigos de contraer COVID-19?

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R: Aunque estamos viendo un aumento de casos nuevos en muchas partes de los Estados Unidos y Europa, todavía hay acciones que podemos tomar para reducir el riesgo de contraer COVID-19. 1: Evite pequeñas reuniones sociales con gente fuera de su hogar. 2: Póngase en cuarentena por 2 semanas si ha sido expuesto al virus.

What’s the “she-cession?”

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A: Women are currently leaving the labor force at higher rates than men. Mothers account for the starkest declines. To quote social scientists Drs. Kerri Raissian and Jennifer Dineen: “We need to realize that mothers can’t continue to be our shock absorbers.” Context: The steep relative decline in female labor participation – most pronounced among

I live in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. It’s looking like our Thanksgiving dinner is going to be just 15 people. What are the chances that someone at the dinner has COVID-19?

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A: As of today, 58%. Maybe rethink your plans? We know many folks in the wonderful Dear Pandemic community are “running the numbers” on their holiday dinners to assess risk and adjust accordingly. To assist your calculations, a team at Georgia Tech led by Dr. Joshua Weitz has developed the COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

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Drs. Malia Jones and Lindsey Leininger tackle your thorny COVID questions in this week’s Facebook Live event! Submit your questions in advance at www.dearpandemic.org. Today we tackle: ➡️ Happy Saturday greetings (0:00 – 1:59) ➡️ Pfizer vaccine news – yay hope! (2:00 – 6:50) ➡️ What settings seed viral spread? (6:54 – 15:59) ➡️ Pandemic

I was paying attention to the US election news this week and didn’t really follow the pandemic news. Now I check the numbers and — whoa! What happened??!?

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Q: Does this mean more lockdowns? To be honest, I’m kinda done. A: Cases are surging, we have rough weeks ahead, and everyone’s collective will to combat the pandemic has eroded. Stay focused on the things you can do in the short term, and stay realistic about this new surge. First, the numbers: If you

My husband is working at a place where everyone wears masks. I am higher risk & retired… Should he be sleeping in a separate room from me?

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A: When bed partners have varying degrees of risk of exposure and vulnerability to the disease, it’s worth discussing sleeping in separate spaces. The Nerdy Girls call this COVID Bed Spread. Here are some benefits to sleeping apart from other household members: 1.) REDUCED RISK OF VIRAL EXPOSURE (in both directions). Spending six or more