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Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

Families Socializing Staying Safe Videos

In this live Q&A, Dr. Christine Whelan and Dr. Ashley Ritter will be tackling questions about kids and COVID, whether mask-wearing will become standard preventative health in the future, what to do with your official vaccination record card, and what to consider as we head into summer. ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and Chit Chat (0:00-1:17) ➡️

Pfizer vaccine reported safe and effective in kids ages 12-15!

Families Vaccines

The company will soon apply to extend their emergency use authorization for this age group in the U.S and other countries. In a press release earlier today, Pfizer and BioNTech announced results from their Phase 3 study of 2,260 adolescents ages 12-15. Key results: ➡️ There were 18 cases of COVID-19 in the trial….. ALL

Any news on COVID-19 vaccine trials for kids?

Families Vaccines

A: Yes! Pfizer just announced Thursday that it has officially launched its phase 1 trial testing their COVID-19 vaccine in children aged 6 months-11 years. Two twin 9-year old girls received their first dose on Wednesday! Let’s hear it for the next generation of the #nerdygirlnation! The goals of the trial are to: ✅ Identify

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

Families Socializing Staying Safe Vaccines Videos

In this live Q&A, Dr. Jennifer Beam Dowd and Dr. Lindsey Leininger will be tackling questions about vaccines, kids and outdoor play, safety of swimming lessons, and more. ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and Chit Chat (0:20-1:50) ➡️ Vaccines Updates – for pregnant people, kids, and the AZ vaccine trial kerfuffle (1:51-5:09) Related Link ➡️ Announcements (5:13-7:01)

How might vaccinated adults with unvaccinated kids think about getting together with other families?

Families Socializing Vaccines

A: Spring and Summer 2021 will continue to require caution, but have far more hope and opportunity than Winter 2021. (PHEW!) Remember your SMART precautions (Space, Masks, Air, Restricted Networks, and Time). When possible, choose less risky options. Gatherings with unvaccinated people, children included, create opportunities for SARS-CoV-2 to spread. We need to continue to

Based on information gathered from Emily Oster’s recent article in The Atlantic, can I consider it safe for children to travel and have unmasked/indoor playdates, especially looking ahead to summer?

Families Staying Safe Vaccines

A: No. Dr. Oster’s article did not suggest that it’s safe for children to have unmasked playdates and return to 100% normal life this summer. As science journalist Tara Haelle put it, “it’s fine for your unvaccinated kids to go on a road trip and hug their vaccinated grandmas. It’s just not okay to pretend

I’m fully vaccinated, but my kids are not. What does the new United States CDC guidance for fully vaccinated people say about our situation? I am so confused.

Families Staying Safe Vaccines

A: This question is on many minds. If you’re confused about this, you’re not alone! The CDC guidance allows us to do away with wearing masks and physical distancing if everyone at your upcoming private get-together is either 1️⃣ fully vaccinated OR 2️⃣ ALL of these: unvaccinated, not high-risk for severe COVID-19, doesn’t live with

What’s the latest on the vaccine timeline for kids?

Families Vaccines

A: Best-case scenario: late summer/fall 2021 for older kids (12+); early 2022 for younger kids. All the usual pandemic-era caveats about uncertain timelines apply! We dedicate today’s TGIF post to all of the children and teens volunteering for vaccine clinical trials. Hooray and thank you! And thank you to all of the (adult) scientists who