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“Mi héroe eres tú”

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Este corto animado de la Facultad de Medicina de Stanford es una adaptación del libro para niños “Mi héroe eres tú” (My Hero is You, en Inglés) publicado a inicios de 2020 para ayudar a educar a los niños de todo el mundo sobre el COVID-19. La película tiene como objetivo transmitir mensajes de esperanza,

Reframing Christmas 2020

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On this Christmas Eve Eve, we offer up a clip from our weekend Q&A from Dr. Emily Smith, Epidemiologist at Baylor University & your Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist. Dr. Smith is also the spouse of a Christian minister and offers a faith perspective on this COVID-19 Christmas Eve. Some highlights: 🎄Christmas is not cancelled, we need

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

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Today on the Live Q&A, we welcome Dr. Emily Smith of sister COVID info page, Friendly Neighbor Epidemiologist! We’ll be doing a bit of a Christmas theme today–don’t miss it! ➡️ Welcome to Dr. Emily Smith! (0:00 – 8:25) Related link ➡️ Safe Advent & Xmas celebrations (8:50 – 14:47) Related link ➡️ Public health

“I’ve read that the Pfizer vaccine causes female infertility by blocking a protein that is key in the formation of the placenta in mammals. Is there any shred of truth to this?”

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A: No. There is no truth to this rumor. There is nothing in the human genome that is similar to the spike protein that each of the vaccines are targeting to prevent COVID-19. 💉First of all, rumors about similarity between the placenta proteins and spike protein just do not pass the sniff test. Remember: extraordinary

¿Cuáles son algunas cosas prácticas que puedo hacer para protegerme a mí mismo, a mi familia y amigos de contraer COVID-19?

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R: Aunque estamos viendo un aumento de casos nuevos en muchas partes de los Estados Unidos y Europa, todavía hay acciones que podemos tomar para reducir el riesgo de contraer COVID-19. 1: Evite pequeñas reuniones sociales con gente fuera de su hogar. 2: Póngase en cuarentena por 2 semanas si ha sido expuesto al virus.

What’s the “she-cession?”

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A: Women are currently leaving the labor force at higher rates than men. Mothers account for the starkest declines. To quote social scientists Drs. Kerri Raissian and Jennifer Dineen: “We need to realize that mothers can’t continue to be our shock absorbers.” Context: The steep relative decline in female labor participation – most pronounced among