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Nerdy Kids Get Vaccinated!

Families/Kids Vaccines

Two Nerdy Girls on the team took their kids 🚸 in the 12-15 year old age group to be vaccinated last week after the Pfizer vaccine 💉 was granted emergency use authorization-we asked them and their kids a few questions ❓about why they did and how it went! What was your main reason for vaccinating

¿Por qué el Covid-19 es menos riesgoso y menos grave en los niños que en los adultos?

Clinical Symptoms Families/Kids Posts en Español

R: El virus SARS-CoV2 que causa el COVID-19 se introduce en el cuerpo utilizando una “puerta” a través de una proteína en las células llamada Enzima Convertidora de Angiotensina 2 (ECA2). Los niños tienen menos ECA2 que los adultos, por lo que al virus le cuesta más “entrar” en el cuerpo de los niños que

Has the COVID pandemic helped increase animal adoptions?

Families/Kids Reopening

A: TL;DR. Yes, initially, pet adoptions increased substantially. However, as many people are returning to their regularly scheduled routines of in-person school and office, there’s been an increase in the return of recently rescued pets. While some folks are regularly checking the charts for daily new COVID-19 cases and deaths, employees at animal shelters have

Is the need to test different doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in kids versus adults related to differences in body size or weight?

Families/Kids Vaccines

A: No. Testing of different doses in younger kids, compared to teens and adults, is related to potential differences in how the immune system responds to vaccines across different age groups. When we hear the word ‘dose’, we often think of medications. With medications, a certain level needs to be present in the blood for

Dear Pandemic COVID Q&A

Biology/Immunity Families/Kids Vaccines Videos

Malia Jones of Dear Pandemic and Alison Bernstein of Mommy, PhD and SciMoms are teaming up to talk blood donations, CDC mask guidance, kids’ vaccines, and herd immunity. ➡️ Welcome, Intros, and chit chat (0:00-1:58) ➡️ Will blood donation after vaccination lessen my immunity or provide immunity to the person receiving my blood? (2:00-3:30) ➡️

CDC recommends the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents age 12-15!

Families/Kids Vaccines

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (@CDC) is recommending the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for all adolescents age 12-15 following the May12th meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Big picture: The vaccine is safe and effective for these kids and clinicians are raring to start giving the vaccine to this age