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What are the health impacts of COVID-19 on young children?

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What are the health impacts of COVID-19 on young children? How does the burden of COVID-19 compare to other vaccine-preventable diseases? COVID-19 is usually mild and short-lived in young kids. Yet, a small fraction of cases result in severe outcomes like Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, long-term symptoms, or even death. These tragedies strike children with and

Dear Pandemic Live Q&A 06-06-22

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Live COVID Q&A with Those Nerdy Girls of Dear Pandemic Those Nerdy Girls answer your latest questions about COVID and beyond. This month’s topics include: * Monkeypox * Shingles & the shingles vaccine * The SIDS study that went viral * Variant-specific COVID vaccines There’s also a speed round with quick answers to common questions

¿Estar expuestos a menos gérmenes durante los últimos dos años ha debilitado nuestro sistema inmunitario?

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No es probable. Si tus hijos se enferman mucho de repente, es porque se están “poniendo al día” con los virus normales de los niños, no porque su sistema inmunitario esté debilitado. Muchas familias con niños pequeños llevan casi dos años en casa. ¡Eso es mucho de toda la vida de un niño pequeño! Aunque

Is there a baby formula shortage in the U.S.?


Answer: Yes. Across the U.S. there are multiple reports of shortages. In some cases up to 40% of the most popular formulas are not currently available on store shelves for the week of April 24. The hardest hit states have been: Connecticut, Delaware, Montana, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington. Parents have reported empty