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Update: The updated CDC quarantine and isolation guidelines are now also recommended for K-12 schools.

Families/Kids School Testing and Contact Tracing

These guidelines are not recommended for children in childcare settings where children cannot mask (babies, infants under 2). See our previous post for full details on updated guidelines for the general public. The Key Points: ➡️ Anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19 should ISOLATE for 5 days, then wear a

The kids’ vaccine appointment is tomorrow, but the school just told us they were exposed.

Families/Kids Testing and Contact Tracing

Can you vaccinate a child who has recently been exposed to COVID-19 but isn’t showing any symptoms? A: Although there is no medical reason to wait, there may be practical reasons–it depends on your situation. It’s safe for your child to go ahead, but you should also follow guidance about isolating to protect others. If

What can I do for a school nurse today?

Families/Kids Women in STEM

Escalating COVID-19 cases and changing guidelines fall directly on the shoulders of school nurses. School nurses maintain the preventative and daily health of millions of children and are key in navigating COVID-19 risk mitigation. Here’s a few ideas to help out these unbelievable professionals. Layer on the patience, kindness, and grace. This is the “Monday-est”